SDI releases Zipbond Universal adhesive

The Australian dental manufacturer has introduced its BPA and HEMA-free universal adhesive.

Australian dental manufacturer SDI Limited has released a BPA and HEMA-free universal adhesive, Zipbond Universal, the company announced in a press release. This adhesive is said to deliver consistent and reproducible bond strengths using all etching techniques.

Established adhesive monomers are incorporated into Zipbond Universal, including MDP, to achieve successful bond strength in self etch, selective etch, and total etch techniques. The adhesive is designed to overcome the challenges associated with dentin bonding, such as variability in mineral and water content to produce a reliable bond every time.

A uniform hybrid layer will form in all etching techniques, even when dentin is overdried, mitigating technique sensitivity during prep. This hybrid layer eliminates postoperative sensitivity for patients, as well.

Zipbond Universal has 5 percent nanofillers to ensure controlled handling and the ability to apply in a homogenous thin layer. Film thickness is 8 microns to ensure your preferred indirect material is seated without obstruction. The interface between tooth and restorative material is protected by the addition of fluoride, enhancing remineralization to result in a longer-lasting restoration.

The adhesive is visible upon placement and virtually invisible on the tooth surface after curing, making it the ideal choice for use in esthetic zones with bleach and translucent restorative materials. Patient experience has also been considered, as Zipbond Universal presents with a pleasant aroma for maximum patient comfort. For more information, visit