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Save time and money by using your personal technologies in the dental office

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report May 2012
Issue 5

The technologies you use in your personal life can benefit your professional life as well. We have talked with dental professionals who have already put the latest technologies to work in their practices.

The technologies you use in your personal life can benefit your professional life as well. We have talked with dental professionals who have already put the latest technologies to work in their practices.

At home, high tech is the norm. From online bill pay, to smartphones and wireless technology, our lives are connected, customizable and efficient. With so much obvious value and efficiency in our personal lives, it makes sense to incorporate some of the same trends and technology into the professional sphere. The question is: How?

No one wants to introduce new systems and products just for the sake of being on the cutting edge. There has to be value. Here, we outline the technology you recognize best-you’re using most of them everyday-and then provide stories from dentists, like you, making them work for them in a practice setting.

Here are the Products. To see what dental professionals are saying, click here.

The Product | carestreamdental.com
Carestream Dental’s Practice Expert and Reporting Library (PEARL) Module is a mobile tool that allows on-the-go practitioners to access their practice management software via their iPhone or Blackberry. Users can view patient records and images, check schedules, monitor practice finances, and more-remotely and in real time. The PEARL Module is available for Carestream Dental’s SoftDent, PracticeWorks, OrthoTrac, WinOMS CS and Windent Practice Management Software, supporting dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeon.

The Product | dentrix.comDentrix Mobile provides fast, secure mobile access to patient information from a BlackBerry®, iPhone™, Palm Pre™ or Android™ Smartphone. It enables you to quickly access patient information anytime, even after hours; verify patient prescriptions and insurance eligibility on the go; quickly view appointments for you, your patients and other providers; and view detailed patient demographics, appointments, prescription histories, medical alerts and more.

The Product | dentalrat.com

The Dental R.A.T. is a simple, powerful tool for streamlining computerized periodontal charting. It works with dental software and is a simple foot-operated mouse that enables effective, consistent hands-free periodontal charting.

The Product | curvedental.com

Curve Dental’s Web-based software gives clinicians access to patient data from anywhere at any time; from home, work or play. The software doesn’t require servers or IT services, saving practices money. The software makes it possible to schedule, invoice, manage recall, manage insurance, chart, and much more using only a browser and Internet connection. The software is clean and easy to use, with no confusing toolbars. The software is customizable to each practice, and will help make you and your staff more efficient.

The Product | xldent.com

The XLDent™ practice management system uses the latest in software development and design tools to provide an intuitive, robust, easy-to-use dental software. XLDent™ automates key business processes and ensures dental teams have the tools they need to manage the practice more profitably.

The Product | caesycloud.com

CAESY Cloud offers instant access to more than 280 multimedia presentations and access to patient education resources from multiple locations within the practice. New videos and features are posted frequently and seamlessly through the cloud. No installation and no network connections between participating computers are required. It is PC and Mac compatible, including iPads, iPods, iPhones and smartphones. The newest version, CAESY Cloud 1.2, gives practices the ability to embed CAESY presentations within their website(s), allowing professionals to better promote their services and demonstrate their commitment to educating patients. 

The Product | officite.com

Officite’s mobile website solution creates a full version of your current site so that it will display and function optimally with the small screen dimensions on your patients’ smartphones and tablets. Visitors to your mobile site will be able to easily and instantly navigate the content-convenient click-to-call, appointment requesting, door-to-door directions, your full dental library and more-so your practice can connect, educate and communicate with patients in real-time.


The Product | livescribe.com

Livescribe’s newest Smartpen, Echo, features a sleek design and enhanced features designed to make it the most powerful and easy to use smartpen yet. It allows users to transfers notes and audio to your computer and recharges your smartpen using a standard cable connection. Capture your meetings or lectures with crisp clear sound. Built-in speaker produces rich full sound to play back your recorded audio. The new ergonomic design and soft rubber grip provide comfort while writing (4GB and 8GB models available). Simply remove the ink cartridge with your fingers and insert a new one.

The Product | eye.fi

The Eye-Fi card is the first wireless memory card. It looks, stores media, and fits into cameras just like a regular SDHC card. On top of that, the Eye-Fi card has built-in Wi-Fi that effortlessly transfers photos and videos to your iPhone, iPad, Android device or computer.

The Product | elotouch.com

Tyco Electronics’ Elo TouchSystems is a leader in touch products and technologies. Featuring a design that incorporates easy-to-read displays and responsive touchscreen interfaces, the touch equipment has a sealed casing that protects against liquid splashes. This allows the display to continue operating accurately even when subjected to water drops or other substances. Elo touchscreen products can be activated with a finger, rubber-gloved hand or stylus-all common in health care settings. Easy to use, reliable and stable, Elo touchscreens, touchmonitors and touchcomputers bring powerful simplicity to equipment, instrumentation and services, and improve the efficiency of devices used in a variety of health care settings.

The Product | schicktech.com

The CDR Elite sensor paired together with Schick WiFi provides clinicians with a combination of outstanding image quality and diagnostic flexibility with an easy-to-use, modular technology that improves practice efficiency and enhances patient comfort. Schick WiFi, which uses leading edge RFID technology, can be used with CDR Elite sensors of all sizes.

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