Roland DGA's DWX-4 software update can expand labs' abilities, Issue 11

If you own a Roland DGA DWX-4 milling machine, you can get a free software update today that makes your machine a little more versatile.

If you own a Roland DGADWX-4 milling machine, you can get a free software update today that makes your machine a little more versatile.

Roland DGA Corp. announced a significant software upgrade for its DWX-4 dental milling machine that allows the device to mill hybrid abutments and to mill hybrid ceramic materials.

“Roland EasyShape CAM software is an easy-to-use solution that offers a simplified workflow for a short learning curve,” says Brian Brooks, dental product manager for Roland DGA Corp. “With the exciting, new update, DWX-4 owners will find new strategies to support milling hybrid abutments and popular new resins, including VITA ENAMIC®  hybrid ceramic and 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative pin-type blocks.”

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“The EasyShape update now supports all the standard tools Roland offers,” Brooks added, “including the ZCB series, SF series, ZDB (diamond) series and ZDB-HY (special coated for hybrid ceramics) series, plus a new 0.3mm tool for any restoration that requires fine anatomic details. Also included with the update are settings for better surface finish quality and reduced milling time for abutments, bridges, copings and crowns.”

Roland’s DWX-4 is designed to produce a wide range of restorations in-house, eliminating a lab's or clinic’s need to outsource jobs. The DWX-4 combines 4-axis milling with a choice of two or optional 4-position ATC. Dental professionals reportedly can mill a single crown or small bridge quickly, economically and to exacting specifications. Featuring an open architecture design, DWX series mills are engineered to integrate seamlessly into an existing workflow with commercially available dental CAD/CAM software and hardware. In addition to the new materials, the DWX series is also capable of milling wax, PMMA and zirconia.

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The EasyShape upgrade is free for DWX-4 owners. To download, please visit

For more information on Roland’s dental milling machines and accessories, or the complete lineup of  Roland products, visit, or call 1-800-542-2307.