RODO Medical and ROE Dental Laboratory Partner Up

RODO Medical will partner with ROE Dental Laboratory to combine technologies for optimal guided full arch dentistry.

Dental company RODO Medical has announced a partnership with ROE Dental Laboratory. This partnership is in the distribution and marketing of the RODO Abutment System for surgically guided full arch restorations. The RODO Abutment System is designed to make it easier to place and retrieve restorations. It does so by its ability to eliminate cement and/or screws. It uses the Smileloc® attachment between abutment and coping, which is a shape memory material that returns to earlier configurations when highly targeted energy is applied to it via the induction device Smilekey®.

The RODO Abutment System is said to have a variety of beneficial features such as high retention strength, strong prosthesis, efficient removal, and better patient hygiene, according to a press release from ROE Dental Laboratory. ROE Dental is located in Independence, Ohio, and will integrate the RODO Abutment System with its full arch CHROME GuidedSMILE system. President of ROE Dental Laboratory BJ Kowalski says the combination of these systems was a no brainer for them.

"We are excited to combine these 2 technologies. The RODO Abutment System simplifies the process for placing and retrieving restorations by eliminating the need for cement or screws,” Kowalski said in the press release. “The speed and ease of retrieving these restorations will be a game changer to full arch restorative clinicians, and for their patients oral health."

RODO Medical is a dental device company that has been serving patients and practices since 2009. CEO of RODO Medical Dr Young Seo says that the future of guided full arch dentistry looks bright with this partnership.

"Our RODO Abutment System is the future of implant dentistry. Its benefits are even more significant when used for guided full arch restorations,” Dr Seo said in the press release. “It made sense to partner with ROE Dental Laboratory and CHROME GuidedSMILE as they are leaders in guided full arch dentistry."