RiseWell introduces hydroxyapatite-infused Scrubby Floss

RiseWell has introduced what is said to be the first hydroxyapatite-infused dental floss, Scrubby Floss.

Scrubby Floss is designed to deliver remineralizing HA to the overlooked tight spots between teeth, which proactively fights plaque. The floss reportedly glides smoothly and comfortably as it expands for effective cleaning. 

Scrubby Floss is free of fluoride and parabens and is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Plus, it’s free from Teflon, petroleum-based wax, and artificial flavors. Scrubby Floss is flavored naturally with spearmint oil. It reportedly contains just six ingredients, such as vegan wax, HA, spearmint oil, and Stevia.

RiseWell aims to be transparent about the ingredients used in their products and prints all of the included ingredients clearly on the box. 

RiseWell is the manufacturer of naturally-sourced oral healthcare products. For more information, visit risewell.com