Retainer Club to Launch Analytics and Revenue Growth Platform RC2


This new platform from Retainer Club has 6 key features designed to streamline the retainer process for dental service organizations and individual practices.

Retainer Club to Launch Analytics and Revenue Growth Platform RC2. Image credit: © Retainer Club

Retainer Club to Launch Analytics and Revenue Growth Platform RC2. Image credit: © Retainer Club

Retainer Club has announced the launch of its new RC2 platform, a product that is designed specifically to serve dental service organizations (DSOs), orthodontists, and individual practices in post-treatment retainer delivery and care, according to a press release from the company. With the tools on the RC2 platform, Retainer Club wants to help practices boost revenue and expand patient care, according to president and co-founder, Dr Blair Feldman.

“RC2 is a game-changer for practices,” Dr Feldman says in the press release. “Our mission is to provide the tools and support to enhance patient care and boost revenue. We are taking a giant leap towards that goal, and are excited to see the positive impact it will have on the industry.”

RC2 aims to “change the game” using 6 key features on the platform, each one designed for both profitability and patient value. The features include:

  • Online ordering and free home delivery
  • A custom smile care plan that includes post-treatment support
  • Analytics to provide actionable insights
  • Revenue optimization
  • New patient marketing such as digital advertising
  • Patient management and engagement to ensure practice patients are aware of treatment plans, updates, and other important communications.

Patients can order a retainer that fits them with the confidence that their treatment journey is in good hands through the new RC2 platform, according to dental practice consultant and orthodontist Dr Dustin Burleson.

“I’ve been following Retainer Club for 4 years now–and the new RC2 platform will revolutionize the retainer model,” Dr Burleson expressed excitement in the press release. “Dental groups will either be all-in early–or playing catch-up a year from now.”

To learn more about the new RC2 platform or Retainer Club, visit the website here.

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