Researchers Pinpoint Why Teeth are Sensitive to the Cold

A team of researchers have discovered the reason why teeth may be sensitive to the cold by looking at the molecular and cellular levels.

A group of researchers at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute have determined that the reason for cold sensitivity in teeth is, in part, because of an ion channel called TRPC5, according to a press release from the institute.

This discovery came about when researchers discovered that TPRC5’s cold-sensing ability was in the teeth. The ion channel resides there and especially in teeth with cavities.

The TRPC5 exists in the odontoblast which resides between the pulp and the dentin. When the dentin is exposed and someone bites down on something cold with it, they will experience that sharp, cold sensation due to the TRPC5.

This discovery comes after many years of research and testing.

To learn more about the study, visit the journal here.