Renfert introduces new, non-marking caliper

Renfert has unveiled a brand-new caliper solution, the Calipretto CR, that is said to be non-marking and capable of measuring even the thinnest wall margins.

Renfert has launched the new Calipretto CR, a modern dial caliper which is engineered to measure the wall thicknesses of dental materials very precisely. In doing so, the Calipretto CR reportedly leaves behind absolutely no traces of metal on ceramic.

Whereas the metal tips of a conventional caliper are softer compared to dental ceramics and sometimes leave behind a dark abrasive trace on the ceramic restoration, the Calipretto CR is designed to prevent such unsightly marks of metal debris which often impair the working process, because the ceramic surface no longer comes into contact with metal.

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The Calipretto CR also has a very small sphere (diameter: 0.8 mm) made from the high-strength oxide ceramic ATZ (Alumina Toughened Zirconia). This material has a 40% higher flexural strength compared to the established zirconium dioxide, thus ensuring the durability of the measuring sphere. The sphere is designed to be of such a size that even the smallest areas in the restorations can be reached. As the ceramic surface only comes into contact with the ceramic sphere, there reportedly is no need for any reworking..

The design of the Calipretto CR also makes it possible to measure unfired ceramic with a reliable process because the pressure of the measuring tip can be controlled with the finger at any time.

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