“Rely on Henry Schein” to enhance the customer experience


With a theme of “Rely on Henry Schein” and a focus on enhancing the customer experience, Henry Schein hosted members of the dental industry media for a round-table breakfast discussion on Friday during the CDS Midwinter Meeting in Chicago.

Stanley Bergman, chairman of the board and CEO of Henry Schein, stressed three areas of focus: 1. Henry Schein’s role in helping clinicians operate their practices as businesses; 2. the importance of the customer experience; and 3. Always remembering the role good oral care plays in the overall health of people.

“Our job is to help practitioners operate a more efficient practice, so that they can provide better clinical care,” Bergman said. “They need to run their practices as a business.” 

One solution designed to enable dental practices to be successful is Henry Schein One, which Bergman says is important since “dentists want to keep up.” The company’s portfolio of practice management and practice marketing software solutions were on display at the Midwinter Meeting, Feb. 20-22.

Henry Schein One is designed to help customers attract new patients and improve the patient experience, and the portfolio includes Dentrix Smart Image™ 2.0, the latest upgrade to Dentrix Smart Image. Building on the success of the original version, Dentrix Smart Image 2.0 adds new enhancements to help create a seamless practice management workflow. Dentrix Smart Image 2.0 automatically adds images to insurance claims, simplifies the manual attachment process by showing preview thumbnail images, and allows dental professionals to select and pin up to four images from multiple sources and image types in one location.

Henry Schein’s Ann Marie Gothard, vice president, corporate media relations, started the Friday morning session off with a welcome followed by a video showcasing the company’s vast products and services. Bergman, was just one of many Henry Schein executives on hand.

Henry Schein Vice Chairman and President Jim Breslawski stated the company is “thinking of ourselves more and more through our customer’s eyes.” With prioritizing customer solutions an ongoing focus of Henry Schein, Breslawski talked about a Customer Experience Council, the creation of a high-level team developed to create new solutions.

Jonathan Koch, senior vice president and CEO of Henry Schein Global Dental Group, says investing in a team dedicated to improving the customer experience will help serve an industry that continues to evolve. He added that having Henry Schein One’s practice management solutions that cover a spectrum of practice needs also gives the company an impactful asset to enhance the clinician’s ability to provide great care and run efficiently.

Also on hand were AJ Caffentzis, president of U.S. dental distribution, and Rita Acquafredda, Henry Schein’s president of global laboratory business. They each addressed digital dentistry, digital workflows and the need for seamless integrations.

Circling back to the customer experience, Chief Marketing Officer, Global Dental Distribution Mark Hillebrandt talked about how the company’s different branches are working to meet the goals of its customers. “Since our customers are also customers it’s critical to make the shopping experience great,” he said.

Taking a peek at the future after questions were asked by media member attendees, Koch talked about how AI, machine learning and process automation-along with the already available Dentrix Automation-will further improve dentists’ abilities in terms of working smarter and more efficiently.

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