40 MUST-see products at GNYDM and ADA


The Greater New York Dental Meeting and ADA Annual Meeting are right around the corner, and there will be plenty of new dental products to see at this much-anticipated shows.

The Greater New York Dental Meeting and ADA Annual Meeting are right around the corner, and there will be plenty of new dental products to see at these much-anticipated shows.

For GNYDM, the exhibit hall is open from Nov. 29 to Dec. 2 in New York. ADA 2015 takes place Nov. 5-10 in Washington, D.C. To help you navigate the aisles and booths at these meetings, DPR is highlighting 40 products that should be on your must-see list.  

Many of the products are making their official debut at the meetings while others are tried-and-true favorites. In any case, the meetings are a great opportunity to get your hands on the best, most innovative products available now to dental professionals.

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Elipar™ DeepCure-S and Paradigm™ DeepCure LED curing lights

With the 3M™ ESPE™ Elipar™ DeepCure-S and Paradigm™ DeepCure LED curing lights, dental professionals reportedly can be more confident they have achieved a uniform and deep cure, even when they can’t get the light in a perfect position. The new curing lights are said to have optimized optics so they deliver a beam that is more uniform with rays that stay more parallel and spread minimally as they travel away from the source.

800-634-2249  |  3mespe.com

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3Shape’s D2000 is designed to have improved accuracy and multiline scanning, a breakthrough scan technology that has been shown in trials to increase scanning speeds by upwards of 30 percent. With a die scan time of 15 seconds and full-arch scan time of 25 seconds, there is no need for a separate die scan. The D2000 features 4 x 5 MP cameras and color texture scanning.

908-867-0144  |  3shapedental.com

More on the D2000: 3Shape releases two new D-series lab scanners





A-dec 500 stools

In collaboration with dental teams, A-dec designed two new products to promote ergonomics and encourage proper posture and positioning all day long: A-dec 500 stools and a new lever-style foot control. The new, feature-rich A-dec 500 stools are said to provide pressure relief support via a dynamic seat assembly that enables good blood flow to the legs while setting up the lower lumbar for a proper, healthy torso posture. Both the doctors’ and assistants’ stools feature a dynamic seat designed on a suspension frame that flexes and conforms to the body’s every move.

800-547-1883 |  a-dec.com

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ACTEON North America announced the launch of its next-generation phosphor plate scanner, the PSPIX. Reportedly combining revolutionary size, modern design and remarkable ease-of-use, the PSPIX is said to represent the next level of PSP design, technology and function. The PSPIX is designed for a very small footprint, high quality and contrasted images, incredibly fast acquisition times and removable parts for easy sterilization.

ACTEON North America
877-4ACTEON  |  acteonusa.com

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Monarch Surface Disinfectant Wipes

Monarch Surface Disinfectant Wipes reportedly provide you with a fast, effective and easy way to clean and disinfect your hard surfaces throughout the office. The ethanol-based, bleach-free formula is said to deliver a broad-spectrum kill of 25 microorganisms, including TB, MRSA, HIV and Hepatitis B & C, in just one minute. Monarch wipes are 56 percent larger than standard wipes (7” x 9” vs. 6” x 6.75”), allowing you to cover more surface area and saving you time and money by using fewer wipes.

Air Techniques
516-433-7676  | airtechniques.com

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Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System®

The Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System® is said to be a revolutionary way to simply buffer local anesthetics. With buffering, practitioners reportedly can be more productive, efficient and profitable while providing a more comfortable experience. In addition, the Anutra Feedback Aspiration Syringe® is designed for multiple doses in a single syringe.

Anutra Medical
984-235-0009  |  anutramedical.com

More from Anutra: New delivery system reportedly provides simple way to buffer local anesthetics








Swiss medical technologies company Bien-Air Dental S.A. introduced EVO.15, said to be the safest contra-angle on the market today. In procedures making use of electric handpieces, the briefest 12-newton contact between the instrument’s push button and the patient’s inner cheek causes the former to overheat, resulting in possible burn injuries. Equipped with patented COOLTOUCH+™ heat-arresting technology, EVO.15 is said to be the only contra-angle proven never to exceed human body temperature.

Bien-Air USA, Inc.
800-433-2436  |  bienair.com

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BISCO’s universal bottle adhesive, ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL®, is now available in unit-dose packaging. The reportedly convenient, easy-to-handle, orange-colored unit dose is said to offer efficiency and reduce the potential of cross contamination. ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL unit dose is available in 50- and 100-count kits and does not need to be refrigerated.

800-247-3368  |  bisco.com

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CS 8100SC

Carestream Dental introduced the CS 8100SC scanning cephalometric imaging system, which is said to expand general practitioners’ ability to diagnose and treat patients without the need to refer them to imaging centers or specialists. Designed to make your daily work easier and more intuitive, the system reportedly  features a variety of tools to make positioning easier, image acquisition faster and higher image quality more accessible.

800-944-6365  |  carestreamdental.com

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Colgate Total® Daily Repair Toothpaste

Colgate announced a new addition to the Colgate Total® portfolio, Colgate Total® Daily Repair Toothpaste. This new toothpaste is said to help reverse early damage to teeth and gums for better oral health. It also reportedly contains a multi-active formula that helps repair early teeth and gum damage before many may even know it exists.  

800-468-6502  |  colgatetotal.com

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COLTENE announced Fill-Up!, an innovative dual-cure, bulk-fill composite, as the newest addition to the company’s restorative product line. Fill-Up! is said to combine the aesthetics and radiopacity of resin-based composites with simplified and efficient handling, allowing the bulk-fill restoration to be completed in a single step. Its dual-cure properties (chemical plus light curing) are designed to allow Fill-Up! to be administered to an arbitrary filling depth without the need of an additional cover layer.

330-916-8800  |  coltene.com

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Ultraguide handpiece

Convergent Dental Inc., unveiled the precision-engineered Ultraguide handpiece said to be delivered with the industry’s first automatic alignment system that detects the center point of the laser’s 0.25 mm beam and communicates wirelessly with the Solea laser to precisely position it through the exact center of the hollow waveguide’s opening. The Ultraguide handpiece is said to be compatible with all Solea lasers on the market today.

Convergent Dental
800-880-8589  |  convergentdental.com

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iStar cordless prophy handpiece

DentalEZ® introduced the StarDental® iStar cordless prophylaxis handpiece. Designed to make dental hygiene procedures fast and easy, the iStar is the first true cordless prophy handpiece that is said to allow full freedom of movement and is compatible with all disposable prophy angles. The lightweight, well-balanced, cordless properties of the iStar are ergonomically designed for optimum freedom of movement and comfortable use.  

866-383-4636  |  dentalez.com

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Single-pack Tooth & Gums Tonic® and Paste®

Dental Herb Company® introduces Tooth & Gums Tonic® and Tooth & Gums Paste® in single packs. The economical packs are said to be ideal for prophy bags and a convenient way to introduce these powerful antimicrobial products to patients. Tooth & Gums Tonic® is a non-staining, alcohol free antimicrobial rinse, and Tooth & Gums Paste® is an SLS-free, natural antimicrobial toothpaste.

Dental Herb Company®
800-747-4372  |  dentalherb.com

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Profin Reciprocating System

The Profin Reciprocating System is said to be the instrument of choice for shaping, contouring and polishing natural dentition and cosmetic restorations with easy access and flexibility. It reportedly is the perfect instrument to remove bulk, interproximal and subgingival residual bonding materials in all parts of the dental arch. The system includes a choice of contra angles and the flat Lamineer diamond tips that move in a reciprocating axial direction (1.2 mm stroke). The Lamineer tips are safe-sided to prevent ditching or damaging adjacent surfaces and can rotate freely to follow natural contours or be fixed for controlled detailing and shaping.

Dentatus USA
800-323-3136  |  dentatususa.com

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Calibra® Universal

Dentists can now benefit from the swiftness of tack curing without the stress of overcuring. New Calibra® Universal from DENTSPLY Caulk offers a wide tack-cure window of up to 10 seconds and an extended 45-second gel phase, which is said to provide dentists the ability for a more thorough and effective cleanup.

800-532-2855  |  dentsply.com

More from DENTSPLY: DENTSPLY and Sirona enter into definitive merger agreement





Initial IQ Lustre Paste NF gum shades

GC America’s renowned Initial IQ Lustre Paste NF technology is now available for gum shades. GC Initial IQ Lustre Paste NF Gum Shades are 3D ceramic stains developed to enable technicians to create a lifelike transition from the crown margin to the gingival just by painting the gum shades. With the new Lustre Paste NF Gum Shades set, clinicians reportedly have the ability to bring not only the white but also the red aesthetics of crowns and bridges to life.  

GC America
800-323-7063  |  gcamerica.com

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Natural Elegance® total-etch bonding system

The Natural Elegance® total-etch bonding system is said to provide excellent bond to both dentin and enamel. The single-component, light cure system reportedly primes and bonds in one easy step and is responsive to all curing lights. It is designed to have an excellent seal, helps prevent recurrent decay and decreases postoperative sensitivity.

Henry Schein
800-372-4346  |  henryschein.com

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iBOND Universal

With iBOND Universal, Heraeus Kulzer introduces a new bonding agent that is designed to be easy to use and precise in application in an intelligent new formula for instant and reliable bond strength. The product is an acetone-based universal adhesive with a unique moisture control system that is compatible with light-, self- and dual-cure materials without the need of a dual-cure activator.

Heraeus Kulzer
800-431-1785  |  heraeus-kulzer-us.com

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Sterilization Container System

Hu-Friedy announced the North American launch of its Sterilization Container System. Now available worldwide, Hu-Friedy’s Sterilization Containers reportedly offer users an environmentally friendly, economic option for sterilization of cassettes and dental instruments. Containers are a rigid, reusable alternative to everyday wraps and pouches that are often used to package cassettes and instruments during the sterilization process. Containers can be used concurrently with most sizes of Hu-Friedy’s Infinity Series Cassettes, providing a total sterilization solution to help doctors and their staff perform at their best.  

800-HU-FRIEDY  |  hu-friedy.com

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i-CAT, a brand of the KaVo Kerr Group, released its new and enhanced Tx STUDIO 5.4 treatment planning software. Fully integrated and exclusively for the award-winning family of i-CAT™ cone beam 3D imaging products, Tx STUDIO is said to deliver a host of new and powerful treatment tools for dentists and specialists working with implants, airway, TMD, orthodontics and surgical procedures.  

800-205-3570  |  icat.com

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AccuDent XD alginate impression system

Ivoclar Vivadent announced the release of its new AccuDent XD alginate impression system. Like the original Accudent, this new and improved system includes two dual-phase alginate materials (tray and syringe) for reportedly more accuracy and precision than traditional alginate impression materials and a thermoplastic heat moldable tray system for both dentate and edentulous impressions.

Ivoclar Vivadent
800-533-6825  |  ivoclarvivadent.com

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SonicFill™ 2

Kerr Corporation, a member of KaVo Kerr Group, announced the launch of SonicFill™ 2. Retaining the same patented sonic-activation technology that made the original version successful, SonicFill 2 incorporates a new filler system containing nano-scale zirconium oxide and silica oxide particles. This change is said to deliver excellent gloss, color-matching, wear resistance and strength to make bulk filling even easier and more reliable. In addition, SonicFill 2’s viscosity decreases dramatically during placement to ensure intimate adaptation with the cavity surface.

Kerr Corporation
800-KERR-123  |  kerrdental.com

More on SonicFill™ 2: How to use Kerr SonicFill™ and SonicFill™ 2





Invivo 6.4

KaVo Kerr Group Imaging released Invivo 6.4, an enhancement to the award-winning CBCT 3D imaging treatment-planning software. The new upgrade is fully integrated and exclusively used with Instrumentarium™ Dental, Gendex™ and SOREDEX™ 3D imaging systems. The upgraded, feature-rich software is designed to provide even more control when designing crowns, abutments and implants right from the cone beam 3D scan.  

KaVo Kerr Group
704-587-7271  |  kavokerrgroup.com

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H162ST bone cutter

The H162ST (“saber tooth”) bone cutter is said to represent a new generation of oral-surgery instruments. Applying the knowledge and experience gained from its successful developments in the medical sector to the needs of dentistry, Komet has incorporated the blade geometry of its renowned cranial-surgery instruments into a new tungsten-carbide rotary instrument specifically designed for oral surgery, producing the new ST configuration for outstanding effectiveness. The H162ST’s innovative toothing reportedly provides the exceptional sharpness, ideal cutting behavior and maximal control required for bone cuts during osteotomies, osteoplasty procedures, bone and bone-lid preparations, apicoectomies and hemisections.

216-215-7494  |  kometusa.com

More on the bone cutter: Komet USA debuts new bone cutter at IDS 2015






Kuraray America, Inc. announced the introduction of PANAVIA V5, the fifth version in its PANAVIA family of cements. PANAVIA is a dual-cure, fluoride-releasing, universal resin cement. An adhesive milestone is achieved through the use of the MDP-based tooth primer, which is said to offer a high bond strength in the self-cure mode due to Kuraray’s unique catalyst technology. A one-bottle surface treatment for all indirect restorations is designed to contribute to this simplified cementation system.  

Kuraray America, Inc.
800-879-1676  |  kuraray.com

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Pastel Prophy Handpiece

Lares Research introduced the new Pastel Prophy Handpiece. Designed to make the hygienist’s job easier than ever before, Pastel is said to be shorter and lighter than the leading competitors’ offerings. The Pastel Prophy Handpiece features three removable pastel-colored (pink, blue and green) nose cones for enhanced asepsis. The nose cones are said to quickly snap on and off the motor and swivel 360 degrees for fatigue-free maneuverability.

Lares Research
888-333-8440  |  laresdental.com

Category cruncher: Handpieces





MacPractice DDS 5.1

MacPractice DDS 5.1 features next-generation dental charting and imaging and dental industry-first fully integrated, HIPAA-compliant communication, faxing and reputation marketing powered by BirdEye. A leading OS X native dental software, ICD-10-capable MacPractice 5.1 is compatible with Yosemite (required for charting) and Mavericks and interoperates with MacPractice’s iOS 8 compatible Patient Check In, Clipboard and iEHR apps for iPad, as well MacPractice Interface for iPad and MacPractice Interface for iPhone.

402-420-2430  |  macpractice.com

More on MacPractice DDS 5.1: MacPractice DDS 5.1 features next-generation dental charting





Perfection White™

Premier® Perfection White™ is a unit-dosed chairside whitening system sufficient for treating four patients (eight arches). Activator cups containing a proprietary powder formula are designed to increase the effectiveness of the chemical whitening action when mixed with hydrogen peroxide. A one-hour chairtime treatment is said to be all that is needed for your patient’s whiter, brighter smile. Perfection White includes a gingival protectant gel that is to be used with a rubber dam. Light activation or refrigeration is not required.

Premier Dental Products Company
888-670-6100  |  premusa.com

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Pulpdent has added ACTIVA KIDS to its ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE product line. ACTIVA KIDS is an opaque, light B shade said to be ideally suited for pediatric dentistry. It reportedly eliminates safety concerns for children and contains no Bisphenol A, Bis-GMA, BPA derivatives or mercury.

Pulpdent Corporation
800-343-4342  |  pulpdent.com

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Transcendental treatment centers

Sirona Dental, Inc. introduced its premier line of transcendental treatment centers. These transcendental treatment centers are said to be the quintessential fit for clinicians looking to optimize and enhance their practice capabilities with top-of-the-line equipment. Reportedly smartly engineered to embody a look of elegance and unmatched functionality, transcendental treatment centers are designed to stand as the showpiece of any operatory.

Sirona Dental, Inc.
800-659-5977  |  sironausa.com

More from Sirona: Sirona launches ORTHOPHOS SL family in the United States





Sterngold Implant System

Sterngold Dental, LLC, launched the new Sterngold Implant System. This new line features one surgical system with multiple restorative platforms. The implant body design reportedly promotes self-tapping and initial stability during placement, and its simple and predictable surgical process is said to make it ideal for all fixed and removable indications.  

Sterngold Dental, LLC
800-243-9942  |  sterngold.com

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Variobase® abutment portfolio expansion

Based on customer feedback, Straumann® is expanding the Straumann® Variobase® Abutment portfolio options for single-tooth, multiple-tooth, and screw-retained hybrid solutions. The new solutions include  an extended chimney height and a new, non-engaging abutment for bar and bridge restorations.

800-448-8168  |  straumann.us

More on the abutments: Straumann introduces Variobase abutment for CEREC






Opalescence Go®

Ultradent Products, Inc. announced its newest take-home whitening product, Opalescence Go® 6 percent hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. Opalescence Go 6 percent reportedly provides professional results at a lower concentration than existing products, giving patients with sensitivity a safe, comfortable and convenient take-home whitening option. The Opalescence Go 6 percent hydrogen peroxide gel has a wear time of 60 to 90 minutes and is available in mint or melon flavors.  

Ultradent Products, Inc.
800-552-5512  |  ultradent.com

Category cruncher: In-office whitening products






Visual Solutions, (a wholly owned subsidiary of Vista Dental Products) introduced the ESPýOC™ oral cancer screening system. ESPýOC is a said to be a game-changer in the way the dental and medical community visualizes oral cancer. It reportedly is a simple, cost-effective and noninvasive chairside test that provides immediate results for patients with suspicious lesions. ESPýOC demonstrated 99 percent sensitivity and 85 percent specificity for oral cancer detection in more than 120 patients.

Vista Dental Products
877-418-4782  |  vista-dental.com

More on the system: Vista division releases oral cancer screening system






VOCO has extended the shade selection for its award-winning universal nanohybrid composite GrandioSO to include an incisal shade and further extend its esthetic capabilities. GrandioSO is light cured and radiopaque with a wide array of indications, including Class I-V restorations. The size and type of nanoparticulate within GrandioSO is said to allow for a more natural esthetic that seamlessly blends into the surrounding tooth structure.  

VOCO America, Inc.
888-658-2584  |  vocoamerica.com

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SATURNO™ implant system

ZEST Anchors introduced the SATURNO™ narrow-diameter implant system, featuring an innovative, angled o-ball implant option and patented, pivoting o-ring technology. The new SATURNO implant is a one-piece narrow diameter implant with a 1.8 mm o-ball connection that incorporates many features, including a 20-degree angled o-ball implant to address the challenges associated with implant placement in the maxillary ridge; patented, pivoting cap technology providing maximum resiliency while maintaining a minimized profile; and an innovative narrow body implant design incorporating progressive threads for increased primary stability.

ZEST Anchors
800-262-2310  |  zestanchors.com




HDL™ 3.0

Orascoptic introduced HDL™ 3.0, a micro-optic loupe that yields 3x magnification power. The HDL 3.0 is the second loupe released by Orascoptic under the high definition loupe moniker. The custom-crafted loupe boasts edge-to-edge clarity and a generous field of view. Compact and lightweight, the loupe is designed to deliver a comfort rarely associated with Galilean optics of equivalent magnification power, reportedly making HDL 3.0 one of the lightest 3.0x loupes available.

800-369-3698  |  orascoptic.com

Video: Make changing magnification easy with EyeZoom




Centennial 2 Cabinetry line

The Centennial 2 Cabinetry line from Pelton & Crane features a system of preconfigured modules that can be tailored to the specific functions within the dental professional’s work environment and easily upgraded to suit a growing practice. Centennial dental cabinets provide several variations of rear-delivery treatment centers, reportedly enabling users to select the right dental cabinet for their specific practice. Multiple delivery units are said to complement this collection to maximize the efficiency and storage capability of these cabinets.

Pelton & Crane
800-659-6560  |  pelton.net




Planmeca FIT

Planmeca announced new branding for its complete chairside CAD/CAM system. The Planmeca FIT is composed of the PlanScan scanner, PlanCAD software and the PlanMill 40 mill as a fully integrated open CAD/CAM system for same-day dentistry. The FIT system is said to provide a digital workflow that combines exceptional patient experience and convenience, as well as high quality restorations with the perfect fit.

Planmeca USA, Inc.
630-529-2300  |  planmecausa.com

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