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Products to see at the 150th Chicago Midwinter Meeting

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2015-02-01
Issue 2

There will plenty of new dental products to see as dental professionals descend on McCormick Place West for the 150th annual Chicago Midwinter Meeting. The exhibit hall is open from Feb. 26-28, and to help you navigate the aisles and booths in the Windy City, DPR is showcasing 28 products that should be on your must-see list.

There will plenty of new dental products to see as dental professionals descend on McCormick Place West for the 150th annual Chicago Midwinter Meeting. The exhibit hall is open from Feb. 26-28, and to help you navigate the aisles and booths in the Windy City, DPR is showcasing 28 products that should be on your must-see list.


ON North AmericaPure NEWTRONBooths #2611 & W107ACTEON North America's PURE NEWTRON range of ultrasonic scalers uses a Cruise Control® system that adjusts the ultrasonic power in real time to adapt to the resistance encountered by the tip. Plus, the LED-lit, color-coded power dial reportedly is designed to make power selection simple, while the ergonomic NEWTRON SLIM B.LED handpiece is said to offer greater handling and accessibility. Compatible with nearly 80 tips, each PURE NEWTRON device performs applications including scaling, perio endodontics and restorative procedures. For more information, visit acteonusa.com or call 800-289-6367.

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AG Neovo
Evolve seriesBooth # 1047
AG Neovo’s Evolve series reportedly includes high performance, air-driven high-speed and low-speed handpieces. With the built-in EnduroTM Chuck, the high speeds are said to deliver exceptional cutting efficiency and enhance patient safety thanks to a powerful retention force (up to 38N) better than conventional handpieces. The Enduro Chuck’s tungsten carbide tip is designed to protect it from wear. The Evolve series features ceramic ball bearings, a light-weighted ergonomic body and the option for a standard/mini head as well as an integrated optic fiber. For more information, visit us.agneovo.com or call 408-321-8210.

BIOLASE Inc.EPIC X diode laser
Booth #601
BIOLASE Inc. has introduced the EPIC™ X diode laser, what the company is calling its most complete diode laser for the whole dental team. Following up on the company’s EPIC 10, released in 2012, EPIC X features upgrades and improvements. EPIC X reportedly offers faster procedures for three treatment modes-surgery, whitening and pain relief-all of which are said to generate a strong return on investment, create happy patients and provide professional satisfaction. For more information, visit biolase.com or call 888-4-BIOLASE.

CanalPro apex locator
Booths #3600 & W118
Coltene's CanalPro Apex Locator with rechargeable battery features a brilliant, colored 3D panel. Reportedly providing accurate measurement and a user-friendly interface, the device will notify the user when an endodontic file reaches the apical foramen by setting the virtual apex function. Other features are said to include ergonomic design, audio feedback with volume control, built-in self-test, built-in demo mode, auto-off after five minutes of non-use and a two-year warranty.  For more information, visit coltene.com or call 800-221-3046.

Dental Art Innov

ations Pty Ltd.
Booth #4539
Uveneer is a direct template matrix system that is said to allow dentists to create esthetically pleasing permanent composite veneers simply using the “press and cure” technique with the light-cured composite material of choice. Uveneer is designed to produce correct anatomy and contour from central, lateral, canine and first and second premolars and is based on the golden proportion of tooth size, shape and smile design. For more information, visit uveneer.com or call 888-771-0479.

Midwest E electric handpiece
Booths #1802 & 2002
DENTSPLY's Midwest E electric handpiece system is designed to offer dentists the necessary balance of power and control for restorative and endodontic procedures. The motor weighs 59 grams and measures 1.25”, while attachments are available in high-speed, low-speed, endodontic and straight configurations. Plus, the touch screen control is said to provide users with the ability to adjust speed, torque limits, attachment type and more with ease. For more information, visit dentsply.com or call 800-989-8825.

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DUX Dental

Bur block
Booths #1208 & E103
DUX Dental expanded its line of bur blocks with a new product that features drain holes said to prevent rust and an attached cover to protect burs from damage. The new bur block is compatible with handpiece burs, friction grip burs and latch burs. All DUX Dental bur blocks offer accessible storage for all types of rotary cutting instruments. They are made of sturdy polypropylene plastic and can be ultrasonically cleaned, are compatible with most chemical disinfectants and can be sterilized in an autoclave. The new bur blocks are available in nine different colors. For more information, visit duxdental.com or call 800-833-8267.

Booth #1206

The new i-CAT FLX MV reportedly delivers i-CAT award-winning technology and quality in a model that fits a wide range of dental practices. This medium field of view captures up to both arches and the temporomandibular joints in 3D, renders i-CAT’s clearest 3D and 2D images, provides lower-dose scan options, including QuickScan+, allows for selection of the appropriate scan for each patient, captures traditional 2D panoramic images and integrates with CAD/CAM programs. For more information, visit i-cat.com or call 215-997-5666.

Implant Direct

Swish Implant systemBooth #1214
The Swish™ Implant System is surgically compatible with the Straumann Tissue-Level and reportedly delivers the industry’s original all-in-one packaging with a transfer/carrier, cover screw and healing collar. The new bone-level SwishActive implant features platform shifting and a conical hex connection that provides six indexing positions for precise prosthetic placement while matched transgingival profiles on a range of prosthetics allow for consistent soft tissue management. For more information, visit implantdirect.com or call 888-649-6425.

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Instrumentarium Dental
OP300 Maxio
Booths #1211 & W125
Instrumentarium Dental’s feature-reach OP300 Maxio Pan/Ceph/3D introduces new and larger fields-of-view for dental and maxillofacial imaging, as well as low dose technology (LDT), designed to provide quality-optimized cone beam 3D scan at radiation dosages up to five times less than traditional 2D panoramic images. The OP300 Maxio offers clinicians a variety of targeted FOVs as small as 5 x 5 cm to optimize the cone beam scan for single site implants or localized diagnostics. For more information, visit instrumentariumdental.com or call 800-558-6120.

Ivoclar VivadentVariolink EstheticBooths #1417 & E108Ivoclar Vivadent presents Variolink Esthetic, a new dual-curing adhesive cement. Made for the permanent adhesive cementation of demanding ceramic and composite restorations, Variolink Esthetic adhesive luting composite reportedly provides precise shade matching of the restoration to surrounding dentition with the “Effect” shade system, a new approach that includes five different shades to enable color-neutral cementation while providing brightening or darkening of the restoration. For more information, visit ivoclarvivadent.us or call 800-533-6825.

MASTERtorque LUX M8700
Booth #1011
KaVo will introduce the new MASTERtorque™ LUX M8700 L air-driven high-speed handpiece. It includes KaVo’s new direct stop technology, which stops the bur in less than one second and reportedly contributes to the reduced drawback of oral cavity fluids and dusts. The mini head, at 59dB, is said to operate at a comfortable noise level. It comes with a standard two-year warranty or 2.5-year warranty if maintained with KaVo’s QUATTROcare Plus. For more information, visit kavo.com or call 888-ASK-KAVO.


MacPractice DDS 5.1Booth #1043MacPractice DDS 5.1 is the newest release of the original Mac OS native dental software and is Yosemite and Mavericks compatible. It reportedly comes with dental-specific, best-of-class enhancements in all clinical charting and imaging functions and industry-first, fully integrated, secure, HIPAA-compliant communications services for doctors and patients. DDS 5.1 interoperates with MacPractice’s Patient Check In, Clipboard and iEHR apps for iPad. For more information, visit macpractice.com or call 402-420-2430.

Innovator profile: MacPractice explosion of mobile technology

NSK America
Booth #1233
NSK America's iCare is a new handpiece maintenance system that automatically cleans and lubricates up to four rotary instruments at once. The proper solution volume is preset based on handpiece type, reportedly ensuring precise and thorough lubrication. There are two models available that include either two or three rotational ports for electric and slow-speed handpieces, which are said to provide thorough and complete coverage of gears. In addition, a unique, chuck-cleaning function removes dirt and cutting powder from the chuck. For more information, visit nskdental.us or call 888-675-1675.


RDH EliteBooth #1000
The RDH Elite™, launched at GNYDM, is Orascoptic™’s newest addition to its loupe portfolio. Utilizing a team of practicing hygienists and industry-recognized experts in ergonomics and infection control, Orascoptic reportedly co-engineered a loupe centered on improving ergonomics, productivity and career longevity. Encompassing an optimal field width and depth, the RDH Elite delivers a crisp image with edge-to-edge clarity throughout the entire field of view. For more information, visit orascoptic.com or call 800-369-3698.

Pelton & Crane
Spirit 1700
Booths #1003 & 1008

Handcrafted in Charlotte, N.C., the Pelton & Crane Spirit 1700 dental chair combines innovative technology with quality components, resulting in an easy-to-use, durable dental chair. Standard features such as embossed membrane touchpads for the doctor and assistant, a dual-articulating headrest and swing-away armrests coupled with the Spirit 1700’s powerful hydraulic lift mechanism are said to provide a quality seating experience. For more information, visit pelton.net or call 800-659-6560.

From GNYDM 2014: Philips Sonicare unveils AirFloss Pro, changes to BreathRx, Fluoridex and PerioRx

Philips Sonicare

Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro
Booths #4014 & W128
Philips Sonicare recently introduced Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro, the latest version of its interdental cleaner designed for inconsistent flossers. With a new high-performance nozzle and triple-burst technology, Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro cleans interproximally in just 60 seconds. While maintaining its reportedly sleek, portable and lightweight design, the updated product now features a 50-percent-larger reservoir to hold water, Philips Sonicare PerioRx or Philips Sonicare BreathRx for a fresher clean. For more information, visit sonicare.com or call 800-676-7664.

Booth #2614
Planmeca PlanScan features a plug-and-play scanner that reportedly is designed for easy installation in different treatment centers, allowing effortless collaboration between different users in different rooms. The system’s flexibility also allows for multiple users to use the system simultaneously throughout the workflow. Plus, the system also features real-time, accurate scanning, a wireless foot control for hands-free operation, design software and an easy-to-use milling unit. For more information, visit planmeca.com or call 630-529-2300.

Premier Dental Products Comany

Booth #3400
Premier Dental Products Company's Enamelon Preventive Treatment Gel is reportedly designed to be a safe and effective alternative for patient home care compared to both 5000ppm toothpastes and remineralizing pastes. The gel contains 970ppm fluoride and is said to be safe for daily use by patients of all ages to help treat sensitivity and prevent caries and gingivitis. A non-abrasive formula of stannous fluoride, calcium and phosphate is reported to deliver more fluoride uptake and helps promote remineralization. For more information, visit premusa.com or call 888-670-6100.

Sterngold Implant system
Booth #1525

The new Sterngold Implant System is reportedly designed to offer clinicians flexible implant options for stabilizing overdentures and partial dentures. The system features four implant diameters: 2.2mm and 3.25mm implants that are available in a one-piece design, as well as 3.3mm and 4.1mm two-stage implants, which are also indicated for fixed prosthetics. For more information, visit sterngold.com or call 800-243-9942.

Product spotlight: Sterngold reveals new implant system

View more products on Page 4 ...


Eclipse Booth #411SurgiTel® announced the world’s first touch-free LED headlight, The Eclipse™ LED. The company reportedly developed the headlight with patent-pending Eclipse switching technology, which uses an advanced proximity sensor-the light turns on and off with a simple wave of the hand. This technology eliminates potential cross-contamination by touching battery packs or switches. Comfortably wave the light off when finished with a patient and then wave it on for the next. The light turns off easily and allows clinicians to speak to patients without blinding them. This easy switching also extends battery life and the life of the product. For more information, visit surgitel.com or call (734) 996-9200.

Imprint 4 Preliminary VPS Preliminary Impression material
Booth #3425 & 3625
3M™ ESPE™ Imprint™ 4 Preliminary VPS Preliminary Impression Material in cartridge delivery reportedly makes creating precise provisionals simple. The dentist captures the preliminary impression, with a setting time as short as 90 seconds using the super quick version of the material. Then, he or she fills the impression with 3M™ ESPE™ Protemp™ Plus Temporization Material and inserts in the mouth. After five minutes, the matrix is removed to reveal a reportedly smooth surface that needs no polishing. For more information, visit 3MESPE.com or call 800-634-2249.

Tuttnauer EZPlusBooth #4211
Tuttnauer EZPlus fully automatic autoclaves are available in two sizes: a large capacity 11”x19.8” chamber with five trays (EZ11Plus) and a 9”x19.8” chamber with three trays (EZ9Plus). Additional features include a newly designed EZGlide door, EZView multi-color display, front or top water-filling options, closed-door drying system with a door that remains closed through the dry cycle and is said to maintain sterility and ensure efficient drying and a comprehensive, two-year parts and labor warranty. For more information, visit tuttnauerusa.com or call 800-624-5836. 

Vista Dental
Booth #3719
Vista Dental Products’ EndoUltra™ reportedly is the only cordless, compact, battery-operated Piezo ultrasonic (40kHz) activation device. The EndoUltra™ is said to be capable of producing acoustic streaming and cavitation in small canal spaces, resulting in significantly improved debridement, disruption of biofilm, improved penetration of irrigants into dentinal tubules and the removal of vapor lock. For more information, visit vista-dental.com or call 877-418-4782.

Video: How the EndoUltra offers greater penetration of irrigants, cleanses in less time


EyeMag Light II loupesBooth #2416EyeMag Light II loupes from ZEISS are said to offer illumination resembling daylight, an evenly illuminated treatment field, high comfort and a long battery life. Also, the loupe can be quickly adapted to the practitioner’s treatment position, reportedly enabling a comfortable, ergonomic sitting position that helps alleviate back and neck problems. For more information, visit zeiss.com or call 858-790-7700.

ZEST Anchors
CHAIRSIDE Denture Prep & Polish Kit
Booth #634
ZEST Anchors introduced the CHAIRSIDE Denture Prep & Polish Kit. Reportedly consisting of all the instruments dental professionals need for the efficient and accurate pickup of denture caps, the kit includes a customized CHAIRSIDE recess bur, said to be specifically designed to quickly and easily prepare the exact size recess for the LOCATOR and SATURNO denture caps. The CHAIRSIDE Denture Prep & Polish Kit will be commercially available in winter 2015. For more information, visit zestanchors.com or call 800-262-2310.

Mr. ThirstyBooth #2908
Mr. Thirsty® from Zirc is a hands-free device that retracts, isolates and evacuates, reportedly resulting in an unobstructed field. Hands-free isolation means hygienists don’t need to stop repeatedly to use the saliva injector, which is said to free them to perform additional tasks and save time and money. Mr. Thirsty has two sizes and is 100-percent disposable. For more information, visit zirc.com or call 800-328-3899.

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