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While benchtop work is important, it’s also important to properly manage your lab and your cases in order to make sure your work is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

While benchtop work is important, it’s also important to properly manage your lab and your cases in order to make sure your work is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

After all, all the creativity in the world won’t make your dental laboratory profitable if you’re not able to finish cases in time or bill in a timely fashion.

With that reality in mind, we put together this snapshot of some of the leading software solutions for labs on the markets so they can make sure they’re managing their business and their cases to the best of their abilities.

You’ll find software here that helps you better communicate with dentists, software that connects you to workflow solutions and software that helps you trace a case from acceptance all the way to billing. Plus, this roundup provides a number of ways to access the information, from cloud-based options that allow you to control your business from your phone to seamlessly integrated start-to-finish options that let your laboratory connect directly to your clients for ease in communication and case planning.

Software has changed how we do everyday tasks, from communicating with our families to how we spend our time. Isn’t it time your dental laboratory experienced the same innovation?

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CAPZilla is the workflow engine that automates the manual portions of CAD/CAM systems to streamline digital dental fabrication from end to end. The proprietary solution is designed to enable more lean manufacturing in dental labs, provides increased visibility for lab managers and owners and decreases man hours while increasing profit. CAPZilla optimizes nesting of cases for higher mill efficiency, provides traceability for materials compliance, helps avoid double data entry and provides reports through a unified dashboard.

“CAPZilla provides a connection between various open CAD/CAM systems in order to reduce labor, track production metrics and increase visibility. The scanning and designing automation components alone have drastically increased our customers’ productivity.”
-Matt Stratton, director of R&D, CAP

DDX is a web-based service free to dental practices and highly affordable for dental labs that reportedly gives dental practices, labs and milling and production centers a fast, safe and efficient way to exchange and manage dental lab cases. DDX bundles the lab prescription, case notes, digital files (e.g. photos, scans, etc.), case invoices, case payments and everything else into a single digital envelope. The process of submitting, tracking and processing dental lab cases is now completely automated and secure.

“Once dentists and labs understand the power of DDX ... it will absolutely transform the business.”
-Bob Miller, owner, CMC

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MainstreetSystemsDentaLab for QuickBooks
DentaLab for QuickBooks is dental lab software designed to offer true synchronization with financial management. The software offers users the choice of keyboard, barcodes or tablets to easily track and measure workflow and features email notifications and direct emails for case coordination. The software can include digital images and scanned documents from dental offices. DentaLab for QuickBooks also reportedly makes it very easy for labs to comply with government regulations and offers online prescription entry. Additionally, communications can be customized and tied into a lab’s website. Mainstreet Systems also prides itself on excellent support and customer service.  

“DentaLab for QuickBooks easily synchronizes data to QuickBooks for simple and accurate statement creation and reports for my accountant. Scanning has become a big part of submitting cases for us, as we scan all prescriptions and custom shade diagrams for easy retrieval and also lot and batch numbers for certain items. Plus, we download photos of our own or from the doctor. We have also taken advantage of the ability to add digital images to our invoices and statements. Overall, I have been happy with this software for over four years and would highly recommend it.”
-Kirk Randolph, CDT, Randolph Dental Laboratory

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Magic Touch SoftwareDLCPM Net
DLCPM Net is designed to empower smaller laboratories with the tools and technology that encourage accountability, organization and growth. The system provides full access to customer account information, call tracking, case scheduling, production tasks and sales and accounting data-all stored securely with redundant high-speed servers. As a cloud-based solution, users avoid the expense of purchasing computer servers and hiring IT staff to support hardware.

“I have collaborated with MTSI through several companies over a span of eight years. Now, as I scale up Modern Dental North America, Magic Touch continues to be our management software. The product is excellent and, most importantly, Gary and his team deliver on their promise of great support after the sale!“
-Mike Girard, CEO & president, Modern Dental

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Evident dental lab software is a complete management system for dental laboratories of any size, designed to handle a number of tasks, from recording case information and dentist accounts to production scheduling and technician production reporting. Easy-to-use, nothing to install and providing excellent customer support, Evident was named the 2014 JDT readers’ choice. Evident is engineered to bring problems to users’ attention before they get out of hand and affect business relationships. Get a personalized online demo today and see how so many dental labs are empowering their business with Evident.  

“The Evident software is the best solution for today’s dental laboratory business environment. A must for those dental laboratory owners who need to improve productivity and profit. Before you make a decision on your next software purchase, Evident should be your first call.”
-Warren Rogers, Knight Dental Group, former NADL president

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LabAnnex was designed to easily manage customers, cases, calls and note management, invoices, sales, payments and statements in one web-based system. Many smaller labs can be at a disadvantage when it comes to purchasing crucial dental lab management software, which in turn makes it even more difficult to compete. But LabAnnex is provided free of charge to arm these same labs for sustained growth through improved customer service, process optimization and lab accountability. This approach is said to allow smaller laboratories to create the same integrated infrastructure that large-scale laboratories enjoy.

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LabStar dental lab software organizes dental labs and transforms client relationships to help lab businesses grow. Fully customizable for both large and small labs, LabStar manages digital workflows but just as easily lets users manage hand-built restorations. Every feature-online case entry, barcoding, invoicing, secure messaging, sales management, production, reporting, client logins and more-is built with the newest technology and designed to save technicians time in the lab. LabStar also connects users to services such as UPS, Fedex and credit card processing to help the lab run more efficiently. Additionally, users can work anywhere with LabStar’s HIPAA-compliant logins from any Internet-connected device-so users can spend more time doing the things they want to do. 

“Let’s face it, with hundreds of units moving through our lab each week, we can’t make mistakes. LabStar allows us to incorporate the latest lean manufacturing into our customized workflow, and it also integrates case tracking, CRM, invoicing, statements, online lab prescriptions and access from anywhere! I want the best for our clients, and LabStar helps us perform at our best.”
-Tra’ Chambers, Express Dental Lab

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Labtrac is a suite of software that helps manage any dental laboratory business. Designed for labs of all sizes, from small teams and individuals through to multi-site and large production facilities, the software is comprised of a core set of features and additional add-ons to help specific roles and functions. The heart of the product is a case management and invoicing system that works for single and multi-stage jobs. Paperless billing, 3D files and patient images are all supported along with a cloud portal for dentists to view and submit work. Labtrac also provides full production planning and dynamic rescheduling to ensure the priority cases are worked on first. Technicians can use touchscreen or tablet devices to view job details and photographs as well as track completed work.

“Labtrac are very helpful and knowledgeable; product and industry knowledge is second to none. They accommodate any reasonable request and have played a significant part in Sparkle Dental Labs’ growth with touchscreen work tracking and a fully customizable reporting suite. Without a doubt the best software product for dental labs.”
-Nick Turner, Sparkle Dental Labs

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Seazona is a complete system for managing your dental lab. Reported features include case tracking and scheduling, accounting, doctor’s web access, barcoding and much more. Seazona is completely web-based, so there is no software to install or expensive hardware to purchase. Seazona is also designed to be the most affordable dental lab software on the market today. For a flat fee, users get two websites: one for doctors to view invoices and statements online, and one for the dental lab to manage its business.




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Sirona Connect
Sirona Connect is designed to act as a strategic partner for laboratories looking to build their digital impression business. Sirona Connect facilitates direct digital communication between dentists and inLab laboratories. Through Sirona Connect, laboratories reportedly can save additional expenses and eliminate time-consuming labor by converting to digital impressions, market Sirona Connect to existing CEREC dentists as well as their main accounts and gain increased access to all restorative indications, such as bridgework, full gold crowns, PFMs, full contour zirconia and more. 

“Sirona Connect has helped propel my business to instant success. A truly all-digital workflow opens up doors to improved doctor-to-lab communication with full color digital impressions and fewer remakes with precise optical impressions. Clinicians can check the quality prior to sending to the lab, and we provide faster fabrication times with no need for case pick-up. We also have lower overhead by cutting out the model room and shipping expenses. Model-free is a reality. “
-Tra’ Chambers, owner, Express Dental Laboratory

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Communicate™ is a tool that lets labs and dentists share case information and view 3D designs online. With Communicate, dental professionals can share impressions, design images, 3D previews of proposed designs, suggested margin lines and questions or comments. Clinicians can also access cases and communicate anywhere and anytime-directly from the TRIOS® cart through a PC, tablet or smartphone. Additionally, the iOS app allows dental professionals to communicate anywhere and any time. With the app, dentists can communicate with the lab, rotate and view the scan and restoration in 3D anywhere and anytime. Additionally, with Communicate, dentists gain access to the worldwide install-base of 3Shape labs. Every TRIOS® system comes with a free 3Shape Communicate™ account that includes adequate cloud storage space and unlimited lab connection possibilities. Connection is easy-only an email address is needed and cloud space can be expanded if needed. 

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