ProBiora Health Adds Professional Strength Orange Flavor for Adults

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Oral care probiotics company expands its product lineup following increasing interest and growth.

ProBiora Health Adds Professional Strength Orange Flavor for Adults | Image Credit: © ProBiora Health

ProBiora Health Adds Professional Strength Orange Flavor for Adults | Image Credit: © ProBiora Health

Original oral-care probiotic manufacturer ProBiora Health® has launched a new product flavor geared for adults, ProBiora Professional Strength in Orange.

With the new Orange flavor, ProBiora Professional Strength, sold primarily through dental and orthodontic offices, now comes in 2 flavors for adults—including the original Gentle Mint. ProBiora Kids, which features a Creamsicle flavor, also is available through clinicians’ practices.

“As dental professionals know, even people with excellent oral care routines face oral health issues, and that’s because brushing and flossing alone don’t entirely eliminate the main culprit: bad bacteria,” explains Chris Koski, president and CEO of ProBiora Health, in a press release. “Only ProBiora repopulates the mouth’s clinically proven good bacteria, which crowd out the bad bacteria that cause bad breath, cavities, and gum issues such as gingivitis.”

The company also is introducing products designed to help your pets maintain a healthier mouth, fresher breath, and bright teeth. ProBiora for Dogs and ProBiora for Cats (formerly ProBioraPet) oral care probiotics come in convenient daily-dose pouches.

The brand has become popular with dental professionals and consumers alike, thanks to its ease of use (simply dissolve a tablet in the mouth) and proven results, states ProBiora Health, the only oral-probiotic company that specializes exclusively in oral care probiotics.

With a proprietary and patented blend of 3 naturally occurring strains of beneficial bacteria, ProBiora offers the only probiotics from the mouth, for the mouth. According to the company, these good bacterial strains specifically target the bad bacteria that live on people’s and pets’ teeth and gums. Repopulating the mouth’s good bacteria is said to be critical because left untreated, the harmful mouth bacteria can overtake the oral biome and lead to infections such as tooth decay, gum disease, and more. ProBiora says this is key because other brands of oral-care probiotics contain bacteria from the sinus, throat, or gut.

Several oral-systemic studies show that oral bacteria and the inflammation of periodontitis can be linked to some serious health issues and diseases, so adding ProBiora probiotics to the oral care regimen can not only be a simple and effective way to improve oral-biome health, but also overall well-being.

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