Planmeca USA launches new products and multiple upgrades

These significant product and technology upgrades are designed to give dentists a competitive edge.

Planmeca USA announced it's offering significant product and technology upgrades for dentists looking to invest in dental technology in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Planmeca team members discuss industry trends with digital impressions and CAD/CAM software as well as new, innovative solutions offered by Planmeca.

“We believe these upgrades will help dentists maximize the potential of our technology to benefit their patients and enter 2019 with a competitive edge in their market,” says Ed McDonough, president of Planmeca USA.

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Planmeca USA will be introducing these upgrades throughout the fall tradeshow season:

  • Planmeca PlanMill®30 S - The Planmeca PlanMill 30 S is an entry-level milling unit, reportedly making this 4-axis high-speed single spindle milling unit ideal for single-visit restorations and milling of inlays, onlays, crown, and bridges. The Planmeca PlanMill 30 S provides the same SMART software and a broad range of milling materials, including zirconia.

  • Planmeca Romexis® 5.2 - This release adds a new module to the Planmeca Romexis software, Model Analyzer, and streamlines specialty workflows. Model Analyzer is designed to allow direct capture of intraoral scans for dental model measurement, visualization and analysis for treatment planning or future use. Improvements to the imaging and imaging workflows are said to create a streamlined process for clinicians. An enhanced implant library now features fixation pins for fully edentulous patients and new and updated implants and sleeves.

  • Planmeca PlanCAD® 6.0.5 - New features include Contralateral Copy for replicating contralateral dentition or design. HD Snapshot enables the user to take a high-definition picture with the Planmeca Emerald scanner and the PlanScan® DASH is said to increase the scanning rate of your Planmeca PlanScan for faster image capture.

  • Planmeca Emerald™ Slim Line Scanning Tip – The Planmeca Emerald Slim Line Tip is 27 percent thinner than the standard tip. The Planmeca Emerald Slim Line Tip features the same hygienic, autoclavable tip and SMART functionality with usage tracking and anti-fog system. The slimmer scanning tip is said to be ideal for patients with smaller mouths or compromised dentition. It also reportedly enhances posterior reach and elevates the patient’s experience through easy capture of interproximal areas.

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