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"The Planmeca Sovereign Classic brings together all aspects of my practice.”


Dr. Eugene Antenucci, DDS, FAGD, DICOI, of Bayshore, N.Y. shares his story of how using The Planmeca Sovereign Classic helps fully integrate all of his practice’s technologies.

Practice efficiency is one metric every clinician wants to address. However, the traditional way to run a practice is anything but efficient. With dentists scheduled to scamper between rooms, working different cases in various operatories, efficiency is an elusive quality for most dental practices.

The Planmeca Sovereign Classic addresses the productivity and efficiency conflicts that can arise from the traditional method of running a practice. With every technology integrated into the system, you have everything you need to treat a patient at your fingertips.

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Dr. Antenucci had this to say about his Sovereign Classic:

I acquired my Bayshore practice in 2014. Established in the 1950s, the practice required a complete update in technology. The process of remodeling presented choices. I chose an operatory delivery system that integrated all the technology I used and installed the Planmeca Sovereign Classic in December 2015. The Planmeca Sovereign Classic brings together all aspects of my practice.

What do you like best about it?

In dentistry, we look to restore form, function and comfort for our patients. The Planmeca Sovereign Classic does the same. Its form is elegant and esthetically pleasing, and it is comfortable both for patients that are being treated and for the dentist and auxiliaries that are working on them.
However, the reason for selecting this platform was all my technologies are fully integrated - 2D sensors, 2D and 3D image viewing, CAD/CAM acquisition, design and control, implant surgery, endodontic treatment, 2D intraoral camera imaging and electric restorative handpieces. The Sovereign Classic brings together Planmeca FIT digital scanning and in-operatory milling with Planmeca Romexis software. My Promax 3D cone beam images are also incorporated. The platform allows me to perform implant surgery with an integrated surgical motor, to carry out endodontic treatment, to take digital X-rays with the integrated ProSensor, to use electric handpieces in restorative dentistry, and to educate my patients, as well as to view patient information on the attached monitor. Everything required is at hand, and all of it is integrated with Romexis Software, serving as the hub of the wheel.  


What have been the results and/ or patient responses?

Patients have never seen or experienced anything like it. The chair assures them that they are receiving the most advanced care available in dentistry today. At the touch of a button the chair elevates and then reclines to its desired position. With the wave of a hand the light is turned on, dimmed or turned off. There is not a patient that does not comment positively, and many become raving fans about their experience here.

Tell us about some of the benefits.

Doctors are taught to schedule multiple rooms for productivity, and skate from room to room and procedure to procedure. The Planmeca Sovereign Classic creates a different style of practice. With every technology available at arm’s length, the approach to treatment dramatically alters. Scheduling protocols are changed, and productivity, as well as stress levels, improve when performing more treatment in a centralized location. The chair provides everything I need in a way none other in the marketplace can provide, and with the support that only Planmeca can give. I recommend incorporation of the Planmeca Classic for its ability to integrate all aspects of care, promoting a different and more productive means of practicing dentistry, and offering a better experience for patients, the practitioner and staff.

Sovereign Classic

Planmeca’s Sovereign Classic innovative dental unit platform is designed to improve your workspace to maximize productivity, comfort and efficiency. With award-winning design as its standard, this sophisticated platform incorporates your technology, keeping it all within reach. Built to upgrade simply to keep up with the developments in dentistry, obsolescence is not an issue. It’s unique upright sitting position allows for easy access to the patient while maintaining proper ergonomics. It also allows for patient’s easy entry and exit, as well as optimal patient positioning to accommodate patients of all shapes and sizes.

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