Planmeca launches 3D ULD Certification Program

The program is designed to promote patient dialogue on imaging radiation levels.

PlanmecaUSA today at the Hinman Dental Meeting introduced a unique certification program designed to encourage dialogue between patients and their dental practitioners on imaging radiation levels.

The Helsinki, Finland-based dental technology company, with North American Headquarters in Roselle, Ill., manufactures and sells imaging equipment such as Planmeca ProMax® 3D systems. This CBCT system has a unique ultra-low-dose (ULD) feature that is said to deliver a lower dose of radiation while achieving imaging quality that allows dentists to provide an optimal diagnosis.

“A Planmeca ProMax® 3D system using ULD can drastically reduce patient radiation by up to 77 percent, without a statistical reduction in image quality*,” says Brett Hines, president of PlanmecaUSA. Hines cited a study published by Dr. J.B. Ludlow and D. Koivisto that demonstrates radiation doses used in dental imaging can be reduced without loss of diagnostic quality. PlanmecaUSA says it is not aware of any other dental imaging manufacturer, with independent study, that can claim the same.

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Due to attention in the lay press about this issue, it is more likely that dental patients, too, may have questions and concerns. To help encourage these conversations about imaging safety, PlanmecaUSA developed a complimentary ULD certification program exclusively for Planmeca ProMax® 3D ULD-capable systems.

Featuers of the ULD Certification Program are said to include:

  • Planmeca ULD certified office display materials to inform patients that you are using advanced safety/quality care X-ray equipment.

  • Access downloadable digital materials for use on your website and social media outlets to educate and market your practice as Planmeca ULD certified.

  • Become part of a searchable database of Planmeca ULD certified dentists, for prospective patients who seek low radiation imaging practices in their area.

  • Complementary program available to all practices using Planmeca ProMax® 3D Ultra Low Dose enabled systems.

The Planmeca ULD certification registration program is available at

*To see the study, visit