Planmeca Announces Partnership with PepperPointe Partnerships

Planmeca will bring its digital imaging equipment to dental practices supported by dental service organization PepperPointe Partnerships.

Planmeca has announced a partnership with dental service organization (DSO) PepperPointe partnerships. Through this partnership, Planmeca will provide dental imaging equipment to locations supported by PepperPointe Partnerships, according to a press release from Planmeca. PepperPointe chose Planmeca ProMax® 2D panoramic and Planmeca ProX intraoral units for its locations.

“At the heart of our mission is a commitment to view every decision through the lens of what’s in the best interest of our patients,” said President and CEO of PepperPointe Partnerships, Dr Greg White. “We want to support our doctors in their pursuit of providing world-class personalized care, and partnerships like this ensure their success by confirming we have the equipment we need to serve our communities.”

PepperPointe also selected Planmeca ProMax 3D units for specific imaging needs. PepperPointe chose Planmeca and ProMax specifically for the variety of features that it offers such as the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose for radiation dose reduction and Planmeca CALM® for patient movement correction. These features uniquely positioned Planmeca as the top choice for PepperPointe, according to Planmeca USA President Glen Kendrick.

“Planmeca is well positioned to offer the highest levels of technology to the PepperPointe affiliate offices,” Kendrick said in the press release. “This partnership is a stepping point to their investment in practice growth and a focus on the highest levels of patient care. Their confidence in our relationship stems from the experience Planmeca has in our supporting emerging groups that offer the best efficiencies of group organizations and the benefits of practice autonomy.”

PepperPoint is a doctor-owned DSO and is based in Lexington, Kentrucky. There are 135 offices, 152 doctors, and almost 1000 staff members part of the organization.