Plackers launches new value-sized packs

Dental floss brand Plackers® has introduced new 300-count value size packs of Micro Mint® and Twin-Line® varieties.

The Micro Mint 300-count pack is now available for purchase at select Walmart, Meijer, Publix, and Harmon Stores, while both the Twin-Line and Micro Mint 300-count packs are available at Target nationwide.

“The innovative features of our Micro Mint and Twin-Line flossers make it easier to achieve a cleaner, brighter smile with one compact tool,” said Don Cumming, marketing director for Plackers. “The new 300-count packs help ensure our customers can always have a reliable way to help get the gunk out, whether they’re freshening up after a meal away from home or caring for their smile as part of their daily self-care routine.” 

Both Micro Mint nad Twin-Line varieties are equipped with TUFFLOSS®, Plackers’ high-performance floss designed not to stretch, shred, or break. The uniquely designed protected toothpick feature allows for safer storage and smoothly folds away after use.

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