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Part Two: Diary of an unemployed hygienist

Modern Hygienistmodernhygienist.com-2010-04-01
Issue 4

Photo: Eva Watson Day 20 “We’re still conducting interviews at this time but we’ll contact you when we’ve made a decision.”

Photo: Eva Watson

Day 20

“We’re still conducting interviews at this time but we’ll contact you when we’ve made a decision.”

That could mean a few things: they’re honestly interviewing more candidates, they’re in the process of selecting a hygienist or they are not considering me at all and not telling me yet.  I hate this.  What must I do to get employed?  We’ll be okay with the mortgage for a couple more months but what about all of the other bills?  We can’t delay the car payment again.  I’m so glad we were able to refinance on the house.  Syd’s daycare.  We still have to pay for that.  At least that’s tax deductible.  Temp jobs are nowhere to be found.  I’m getting scared.  I have to find something soon.

Day 20 Goal:  Email unsolicited resume’s to all dental offices in and around Chicago beginning with ‘A’.

Day 26

If I were a dentist and I wanted to hire me I would be incredibly lucky to find me because I (the dentist) would be so much like me (the hygienist) and there would be more of us to go around in a practice and we would both love science, music and cooking and the staff would get lots to eat and every work day would be a big, fat, happy potluck.  Everybody wins! 

Day 26 Goal: List relevant factors for building and maintaining a cohesive dental staff.  What does teamwork truly entail?   
Day 30

I interviewed with that other office a couple of weeks ago.  The office manager seemed to be impressed with my software knowledge though I wish we spent more time talking about what she’s looking for.  Didn’t she say she was going to call me for a working interview?  Yea, she did… but she hasn’t.  I felt positive and got comfortable vibes from her.  Got to meet the dentist and tour the practice but that’s what happened last time with another office.  Everything appears to be going my way then I get shot down.  Is this what I have to look forward to until the economy starts getting pumped up again?  Can’t teach clinicals-no bachelors.  No extra income to go back to school anyway.  Even if we had a hidden stash of funds it would all go towards Syd’s college fund.  I’m running out of options…

And that house across the street went into foreclosure.

Day 30 Goal: Should I go back to working corporate dental insurance?  Call every company.  What about a receptionist position?  I’ve never dental assisted before.  Would an office be willing to train me as an assistant?  Perhaps the ADHA downtown needs help.  Don’t close any doors.

Day 32
Alright. Enough is enough. This is my Official Day of Stupid! My toddler and I are going to dance like fools to Lady Gaga, I’m going to sing my heart out to No Doubt and Alanis Morissette, I’m going to have a wicked snowball fight with Erik and Syd and I’m not going to think about dental hygiene NOTHIN’!
Day 32 Goal: Begin writing ‘girls with curly hair’ book for Syd.  Try to get a sitter as well.  Maybe Erik and I can see a movie.  Make that cheesecake! 

More entries coming soon...

Eva Watson, RDH is also a writer and lives in Highland Park, IL with her husband and daughter.


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