Park Dental Research Announces Acquisition of Orchestrate 3D

This acquisition will make implant and orthodontic solutions easier and more efficient for dentists across North America.

Park Dental Research has announced a definitive agreement to acquire Orchestrate, a 3D printing company that manufactures orthodontic software.

As clear aligners and dental implants become standard care in treating patients, Park Dental and Orchestrate have teamed up to offer best orthodontic treatment outcomes for patients. Known for its orthodontic treatment and planning software, Orchestrate will now act underneath Park Dental’s umbrella of solutions. President and CEO of Park Dental Ronald Bulard says that this acquisition will expand Park Dental’s ability to serve.

"Our combined digital products and expertise will enable a digital vertical integration approach with more options than ever, including Park Dental 3D printers and software, Orchestrate 3D tooth movement and treatment planning software, and Park Dental Implants and 3D surgical guide solutions to the digital workflow," Bulard said in a press release from the company. "Together, we will have an end-to-end digital solution, making the process easier, faster and better for dentists everywhere.In addition, allowing for the most competitive pricing and quality in the clear orthodontic OEM manufacturing space in North America."

Park Dental will utilize its worldwide network to manufacture and market 3D solutions from Orchestrate in the hopes that these dental and orthodontic services can be used to improve oral health.