Panthera Dental's zirconia bar offers new solutions for labs

Digital Esthetics, Dental Lab Products-2014-10-01, Issue 10

Panthera Dental’s zirconia bar is designed with innovation in mind.

Panthera Dental’s zirconia bar is designed with innovation in mind.

Featuring screwed attachments, labs can request a “wrap-around” or a “milled” shape, or lab technicians can request a zirconia bar of their own design. All zirconia bars are fitted with titanium screw bases, and there are two ionized finish choices: gold and pink. Additionally, the bar itself now comes in three shades of pink in addition to traditional white.

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This new solution from Panthera is engineered to combine the advantages provided by zirconia with the technology of a screw-attached bar. Panthera Dental also offers a new material called PEEK to create a double-structure with its zirconia bar, which demonstrates a light weight and high level of biocompatibility and corrosion resistance. Together with the zirconia bar from Panthera Dental, this material can create an ideal base for stunning restorative options.

Zirconia bar with the PEEK material to create a double structure.

Features include:

  • Combines the strength and esthetics of zirconia with the features of a bar

  • Features increased biocompatiblity thanks to zirconia

  • Titanium screw bases available in two ionized finishes

  • Zirconia bar available with screwed attachments, a first for the market 

  • When combined with new PEEK material, reportedly creates excellent double structures

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A milled zirconia bar to provide a tooth-shaped substructure.