Pacific Dental Services Deploys Epic Health Records System in All Dental Practices

Every Pacific Dental Services dental practice will be able to use these dental-medical integrated health records for a robust whole-body health experience for patients.

Dental support organization Pacific Dental Services® (PDS) has announced that is has fully deployed the Epic comprehensive electronic health records system in 100% of its dental practices. This medical, dental data integration will help clinicians and patients gain a better understanding of the connection between the 2 fields, according to Stephen Thorne IV, founder and CEO of PDS.

“Oral healthcare is a critical component of overall health, and this investment has enabled our supported clinicians and their patients to more fully participate in the promise of a seamless, comprehensive healthcare system focused on whole-body health,” Thorne said in a press release from PDS.

As part of this, PDS has converted more than 9.7 millions of patient records to Epic, and has trained team members and integrated new software to make this transition work, according to the press release.

Various capabilities of this deployment include, viewing of patient data, enhanced treatment planning, early identification of disease based on dental indications, integrating health care systems, and allowing patients the convenience of viewing their information all in 1 location.

This all comes together to support the PDS educational initiative, The Mouth-Body® Connection, according to Thorne.

“We have long promoted the Mouth-Body Connection as an essential understanding of systemic patient care. By enhancing the collaboration between dental and medical professionals, the integration of Epic into all of our practices puts our central philosophy into motion,” Thorne said in the press release. “We pride ourselves in investing in the best tools, systems and advanced, proven technology available, and partnering with a world-class operation like Epic underscores our commitment to whole-body health.”