Pacific Dental Partners with American Diabetes Association

This partnership between Pacific Dental Services and the American Diabetes Association aims to expand access and education on the link between oral health and diabetes.

Dental support organization Pacific Dental Services has announced a partnership with the American Diabetes Association. This partnership was designed to increase awareness of the link between periodontal disease and diabetes. With research linking bad bacteria in the mouth and systemic conditions throughout the body, Pacific Dental wanted to emphasize the importance of awareness, according to Founder and CEO of Pacific Dental Stephen E. Thorne IV.

"Due to the bi-directional relationship of periodontal disease and diabetes, oral health care providers can truly make a difference in preventing and managing the disease," Thorne said in a press release from the company. "We recognize the importance of dental and medical providers working more collaboratively together to improve the overall health of their patients and are investing heavily in this area – through clinical education as well as proven technology."

Periodontal disease is considered a complication of diabetes, making this partnership a show of support for practices to improve education on the “Mouth-Body Connection” as described by Pacific Dental Services.

In the midst of American Diabetes Month, Pacific Dental-supported practices distributed an issue of Generations of Smiles, which was designed to educate the general public on the oral-systemic connection. With the help of the American Diabetes Association, Pacific Dental hopes to expand access to education on this link.

"Oral health is the window to the entire body, and nearly one in five people with severe gum disease have Type 2 diabetes and don't know it," Chief Development Officer for the American Diabetes Association Charles D. Henderson said in the press release. "Through our partnership and collaboration with Pacific Dental Services, we look forward to raising awareness about the connection between oral health and diabetes."