Pac-Dent Will Introduce New Root Canal Irrigation System at Greater New York

Pac-Dent, Inc. has announced the launch of the iVac™ Apical Negative Pressure Irrigation and Activation System during the 2022 Greater New York Dental Meeting. The iVac system is designed to be used during the root canal treatment irrigation phase.

According to a press release from Pac-Dent. the system was created using the 3 most important concepts established by endodontic research for root canal irrigation and disinfection: ultrasonic vibration, negative pressure, and contaminant irrigation. The iVac system is said to improve root canal irrigation and disinfection efficacy by utilizing these 3 irrigation fundamentals into a single device that pairs with most piezo ultrasonic handpieces.

The iVac uses apical negative pressure with contaminant irrigation, which avoids the risk of extrusion of the irrigant while allowing the irrigating fluid to clean and disinfect the entire root canal to the working length. This system is said to be instrumental in cases where irrigation depth control is crucial, such as pediatric patients, apexification, regeneration, and apical foramen resorptions. The system’s design allows for the continuous exchange of ultrasonically activated irrigants with constant refreshment into the root canal system throughout the procedure.

The Greater New York Dental Meeting is November 25-30 and exhibits will be open beginning November 27.