Pac-Dent Acquires JS Dental Manufacturing

Pac-Dent will acquire JS Dental Manufacturing to expand its endodontic portfolio.

Dental product and device manufacturing company Pac-Dent has announced its acquisition of endodontic manufacturing company, JS Dental Manufacturing. This acquisition is said to demonstrate Pac-Dent’s commitment to expanding its endodontic portfolio, according to a press release from the company.

“Our acquisition of JS Dental Manufacturing, Inc. will allow us to expand the selection of endodontic products we are able to offer our dealers,” said Pac-Dent Senior Manager of Sales & Marketing Leika Bishop in the press release. “We look forward to seeing the positive impact this acquisition makes on our business, as well as our business partners.”

Pac-Dent was founded in 1992 and delivers products in preventative, teeth whitening, endodontic, and infection control areas. JS Dental Manufacturing serves as a provider for high quality endodontic products for the practice, per the company’s website.

This acquisition aims to expand practices’ access to a wider variety of products and to better serve Pac-Dent’s network.