Oxyfresh partners with Patterson Dental

Oxyfresh is said to be reinventing fresh breath and healthier smiles with formulas free of alcohol, dyes and harsh artificial flavors.

Oxyfresh, the leading provider of naturally safe and environmentally friendly dental care products for people and pets, announced its partnership with Patterson Dental. Expanding distribution of Oxyfresh's clinically proven and award-winning line of gentle, alcohol-free dental products in the United States aligns with its mission to create more healthy smiles.

“We are particularly excited about this partnership with Patterson Dental because our innovative dental health products are being added to the comprehensive portfolio of solutions that Patterson provides to dentists to help them practice extraordinary dentistry,” says Mariano Tellarini, president of Oxyfresh. “Our safe, effective and environmentally friendly products deliver a win-win proposition for both dentists and their patients.”

Founded in 1877, Patterson Dental, a business unit of Patterson Companies (NASDAQ: PDCO), is one of North America’s largest providers of dental products and solutions for private practices and large group dental networks. With more than 70 offices in the United States, Patterson is known for distributing best-in-class products, services, technology and experiences to dental providers.

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“Technology plays a key role in our new partnership; Patterson Dental's Seismic system is leading the charge in connecting sales reps to the newest innovative products,” says Pete Vas Dias, vice president of sales for Oxyfresh. “This opportunity will help us better educate sales teams on the unique solutions that Oxyfresh products provide to dental professionals and their patients.”

Oxyfresh is an ideal fit for Patterson Dental.

“We know that within dentistry, there is a growing segment of ingredient conscious clinicians that are seeking out safe and gentle oral health options. We believe that Oxyfresh delivers just that and are excited to bring their line of products to our customers,” says Taylor Callais, category manager, preventive and diagnostic for Patterson.

Oxyfresh is said to be reinventing fresh breath and healthier smiles with its unique, patented formulas that are clinically proven and free of alcohol, dyes and harsh artificial flavors, reportedly making them favored products by dental professionals and their patients.

Oxyfresh dental products feature Oxygene®, a safe yet powerful ingredient that's engineered to gently neutralize the cellular debris and organic compounds that cause bad breath and contribute to an unhealthy smile.

For more information about Oxyfresh and its growing family of safe, gentle, nontoxic dental products, visit oxyfresh.com or call 800-333-7374.