Overjet Announces Partnership with Seattle Study Club

Overjet will partner with Seattle Study Club to help clinicians understand and utilize the diagnostic power of artificial intelligence.

Dental artificial intelligence (AI) group Overjet has announced a partnership with Seattle Study Club (SSC). The SSC is a dental education and networking group that allows members to be best equipped to deliver patient care and learn new technologies, according to a press release from the companies. The SSC is comprised of GPs, oral surgeons, periodontists, endodontists, orthodontists, lab techs, hygienists, and more.

“There are times in our practice life when it appears a sea of change is going to occur and the advancements in artificial intelligence appear to be one of these changes,” Director of Educational Development and Industry Relations for Seattle Study Club Parag Kachalia, DDS, said in the press release. “Artificial intelligence should not be viewed as a threat; rather AI is going to be a virtual colleague that helps out diagnostic ability. Seattle Study Club has always focused on proper diagnosis and Overjet’s innovations greatly aid in this arena.”

Overjet’s technology has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is able to assist clinicians during diagnosis using AI integrated with the practice management software and imaging systems.

This partnership was inspired by Overjet’s drive to help clinicians advance in the world of dentistry by way of their AI technology, according to Vice President of Clinical Affairs at Overjet Christopher Balaban, DMD.

“Every single day, Overjet is inspired by the opportunity to work with dentists to enhance the clinical decision-making process to impact patient care,” Dr Balaban said in the press release. “Modern practices are realizing the clinical and operational value of innovative technologies and moving towards smarter operations that leverage AI. Overjet aims to lead the way in assisting clinicians in harnessing innovative approaches in their operations to delivery better patient care.”