Orthosnap dental aligner systems provider ships one millionth aligner

Now partnered with more than 500 providers, company helps dental professionals deliver economical aligners, individualized guidance.

Dental aligner systems provider Orthosnap has shipped its one millionth aligner. The systems are doctor guided and free of striations, and the company is now partnered with more than 500 dental practices across the United States.

Orthosnap works closely with doctors providing treatment to patients with mild to severe malocclusions. The Orthosnap aligner system is based on an impression produced physical model and a patented pin movement system that is designed to allow for more efficient and effective clear aligner therapy.

Orthosnap’s patented manufacturing process ensures that doctors deliver a perfect fit for each patient they provide with an aligner. According to the company, it delivers more effective teeth alignment than products that rely on 3D printing, which is known for inaccuracies related to printing from the bottom up. Orthosnap’s manufacturing process reportedly creates aligners that can be up to 140 microns more precise than 3D and this provides markedly better outcomes for patients.

Dental providers who are interested in learning more about Orthosnap can visit https://www.orthosnap.com or email Leonard Rakowsky, sales director, at lrakowsky@orthosnap.com.

Michael Yoon, president and COO of Orthosnap, says the company is partnering with additional dental professionals each week.