OrthoSelect will manufacture, distribute Owen Splint

The orthodontics software company will be the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the Owen Tripod Splint using Keystone's KeySplint Soft resin.

Orthodontics software company and digital orthodontics lab, OrthoSelect, recently entered into an exclusive partnership to manufacture and distribute the Owen Tripod Splint for the treatment of bruxism and temporomandibular disorders (TMD), the company announced in a press release. The Owen Splint is said to provide an enhanced patient experience and is designed to require little initial adjustments by the dental practitioner.

OrthoSelect is bringing together the patented design from orthodontics inventor Dr Brandon Owen, along with patent-pending KeySplint Soft® resin from Keystone Industries to provide this digitally designed, 3D-printed appliance. Every splint is created for each unique patient’s morphology using digital scans.

The Owen Tripod Splint is a 2-piece appliance that is designed for complete coverage for both maxillary and mandibular arches. The top piece has a smooth surface, while the bottom has 3 elevations (tripod), said to allow for simplified balancing and ease-of-movement.

The KeySplint Soft resin is an FDA-510k cleared, Class II material that is designed for the strength needed to protect teeth with added flexibility for patient comfort. The flexibility of the material is said to prevent brittleness and breakage. The resin is also translucent, polishable, and easily cleaned by the patient.

Dental and orthodontic practitioners can order Owen Tripod Splints for their patients directly from OrthoSelect by submitting digital scans through the OrthSelect Splints portal. Lab turnaround is typically 24-48 hours and expedited shipping is also available.

To learn more about the Owen Splint, visit orthoselectsplints.com or contact OrthoSelect directly at 866-695-3319.