OraPharma Announces Launch of OraFit Custom Clear Aligner System

OraPharma introduced a new custom clear aligner system called OraFit that touts crack-resistance and enhanced esthetics.

OraPharma has announced the launch of its OraFit custom clear aligner system. This system is indicated for malocclusion and misalignment correction using materials in a 3-layer design for better esthetics and more comfort. The plastic material used to create the OraFit custom aligners is said to be more crack-resistant as well as maintain clarity for longer.

Included in the system, is an online resource for dental professionals to submit clear aligners cases and approve treatment plans. OraFit will benefit patients who may be reluctant to use clear aligners for the sake of esthetics, according to David J Wohl, DDS.

"Many of my patients with malocclusion are reluctant to use braces or aligners as a result of the impact they can have on their appearance," Dr Wohl said in a press release from OraPharma. "The clarity of OraFit may help to increase patient acceptance and compliance while also offering a meticulous fit. These benefits, along with the seamless integration that the online resource provides for my aligner wear protocols, has made OraFit a welcomed addition to my practice and to my patients."

OraPharma’s OraFit featured on a discussion panel at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting titled “General Dentistry Guide to Clear Aligners,” and hosted by Dr Wohl.