ORAL-B iO rechargeable toothbrush now available nationwide


Oral-B iO introduces a new era in brushing that delivers a professional clean feeling at home.

Oral-B iO toothbrush

Oral-B iO toothbrush.

Oral-B ​has announced nationwide availability of Oral-B iOTM, a game-changing, completely reimagined and redesigned rechargeable toothbrush. It is now possible to have a professional clean feeling not just twice a year, but every day, in the comfort of your own home. Also, Oral-B iO has received the ADA seal of approval, which is recognized by dentists and consumers as the gold standard for evaluating safety and efficacy of dental products.

Oral-B iO is designed to strike the right balance between effectiveness and experience and reimagines how a brush performs, cleans and feels. Oral-B iO is the result of six years of dedicated research with dental professionals to ensure people have the best possible oral health outcomes at home. The brush offers a unique blend of innovative features, such as a linear magnetic drive and redesigned brush head, to deliver superior oral health.

“Oral-B iO represents a monumental leap in innovative oral care technology,” says Steve Bishop, P&G Health Care CEO. “Oral-B iO not only propels the category forward and provides consumers with superior oral health, but it also aims to transform the act of brushing from something you have to do into something you want to do.”

At the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas early this year, the toothbrush “wowed” attendees and media, was the most awarded product in P&G’s portfolio and took home “Best of” awards from Good Housekeeping, Parents Magazine, Refinery29 and Women’s Health. Its sleek design and groundbreaking engineering led Oral-B iO to be named one of this year’s CES Innovation Award Honorees.

In clinical tests, Oral-B iO provided a deeper cleaning of teeth and gums, allowing users to easily and effectively maintain oral health. When compared to manual toothbrushes, Oral-B iO users experienced:

  • 100 percent healthier gums in just one week
  • 6 times more​ ​plaque removal along the gumline
  • 83 percent of gingivitis patients moved from unhealthy to healthy gums in eight weeks

As a result of input from more than 1,800 consumers, the Oral-B iO includes five key pillars of design features and experience capabilities:

  • Superior Cleaning Action and Redesigned Brush Head: ​Maintaining Oral-B’s signature round brush head, the Oral-B iO brush head combines oscillating, rotating movements with micro-vibrations to ensure an unprecedented deep clean that reaches every contour.
  • Bimodal Smart Pressure Sensor:​ An innovation that is the first of its kind to provide positive brushing feedback, identifying and guiding users to brush in the optimal pressure range.
  • Smart Display with Personalized Brushing Modes:​ ​An intuitive interface that greets users, while also providing coaching and motivation throughout the cleaning process. Features up to seven brush modes for a highly personalized experience.
  • Artificial Intelligence Tracking via the Oral-B iO App:​ Provides real-time individual tracking and coaching, thanks to artificial intelligence informed by thousands of recorded brushing sessions. Oral-B iO has a simple and intuitive user interface that guides consumers through a two-minute brushing session with 3D teeth tracking to ensure a professional clean feeling every time.
  • Linear Magnetic Drive:​ Allows for energy to be delivered smoothly to the tips of the bristles, creating micro-vibrations which, when combined with oscillation rotation, creates a smoother, more thorough clean, resulting in Oral-B’s smoothest and quietest cleaning experience yet.

The new Oral-B iO is now available for purchase at retailers nationwide online and in-store. Oral-B iO is available in Black Anthracite, Violet Ametrine, Rose Quartz and White Alabaster.

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