Optimizing workflow and communication with TeleDent 2.0

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report March 2019
Volume 53
Issue 3

How the upgraded version of this platform is making teledentistry more powerful for providers.

TeleDent has made sharing patient data among offices and from remote locations easy since its launch in 2016. The teledentistry platform enables the collection and sharing of patient data and clinical information as well as intraoral images and videos in real-time or via store-and-forward technology.

MouthWatch recently launched an upgraded version of the TeleDent platform, making teledentistry more powerful for providers in private practices, group practices and public health programs alike.

The new, improved TeleDent 2.0 platform is designed to optimize workflow, resulting in more efficient communication. It also enables task delegation and management involved in delivering care as well as a simplified system for appointment scheduling, treatment sequencing, care coordination and provider management.

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TeleDent 2.0 requires a MouthWatch intraoral camera for best results and can run on virtually any Windows 10 tablet or laptop for local data collection and image capture.

Dr. Paul Labbe, a dentist based in Laredo, Texas, primarily serves pediatric patients. TeleDent’s intraoral camera integration helps Dr. Labbe and his colleagues show patients what’s happening in their mouths - things they might not be able to otherwise see.

“The parents are always in the exam room with the kids and with our digital X-rays and digital pictures on our tablet, we show the family what’s going on,” Dr. Labbe says. “We even get the kids involved, so they can see for themselves what the effects of a high-sugar diet or poor brushing habits will have on their teeth.”

TeleDent’s updated platform features an enhanced user interface, providing a more intuitive user experience and a decrease in overall training time for users.

TeleDent is fully HIPAA-compliant and is designed to strengthen referrals, screenings, consultations and collaboration between GPs and specialists, group practice locations, and hygienists in public health or private practices.

The platform enables dental professionals to reach new patients without taking up additional chair time - or using unnecessary resources - through the use of convenient, remote oral screenings. These screenings can be easily and efficiently converted into productive in-office appointments.

Dr. Labbe has found TeleDent particularly useful during community outreach events, which his practice, Planet Dental, participates in often.

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“When TeleDent came out, it enabled us to install it on laptops and bring affordable cameras that were at a very good price point with us to screening events,” he says. “It enabled us to take the doctor’s eyes from the office out into the field. TeleDent changed the dynamics of the way we were able to do screenings outside of the practices because we had a digital global platform to use.”

Additionally, TeleDent enhances communication through live chat, audio recording, video conferencing and screen sharing features, ultimately helping dental professionals to deliver the best care in the most effective ways possible. These features also help to build trust and collaboration with dental teams, patients and specialists.

TeleDent also provides a critical communication link for alternative hygiene models and enables collaboration between care providers, ultimately elevating the patient’s standard of care

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