Open Dental will soon offer Benco designed features

Open Dental by Benco Practice Solutions will soon be available with Benco designed features. Benco uses Open Dental as the engine to power a seamless, integrated software suite that can be bundled with potent functionality from Dental Intelligence or Practice Mojo, for example.

Open Dental with Benco features will come with add-ons that are said to deliver unique functionality, especially useful for Benco Dental customers. Benco customers can also earn BluChip rewards points on their Open Dental purchases, and will soon be able to redeem the points they already have toward Open Dental.

Unlike other providers, Open Dental is said to give Benco customers choice. The price through Benco is meant to be the same as buying through Open Dental directly, but with added value.

"Benco Dental's product portfolio is based on our strong belief that open is better than closed because consumer choice helps spur innovation," said Ryan Rinaldi, product manager for Benco Solutions Software. "Open Dental by Benco Practice Solutions is the perfect option for our customers who have grown accustomed to choosing from a range of best-in-class, innovative solutions rather than restrictive exclusives."

“Open Dental is built on the idea that dental providers should have access to the best software and to their own data," said Nathan Sparks, CEO of Open Dental. “Partnering with Benco Dental expands the reach of our open-source solution and gives dentists more options by making our product available directly to Benco’s customers, who demonstrate a strong preference for innovative solutions.”  

For a demonstration or to learn more, call 1-800-GOBENCO or visit