New York-based dentist releases book on facial esthetics

The book focuses on self-image, confidence and general health.

Dr. Larry Rosenthal, a teacher, leader and pioneer in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, recently published "Open Wide(r): A guide to smile and facial aesthetics to enhance your confidence, appearance and overall health."

Dr. Rosenthal wrote the book with a purpose to inform dentists and patients about the possibilities and approaches they can take to enhance their self-image, improve their geeral health, enhance their beauty, increase their confidence and enrich the fulfillment they derive from life itself.

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"'Open Wide(r)' is a book about optimisim and tremendous drive to be the best they can be," Dr. Rosenthal states. "This is a book about the possibilities. It is a book of optimism and passion. It is a renaissance, a revival of the art and beauty in the practice of dentistry. And it is a renaissance accessible to all - to dentists and their patients alike. It puts health and beauty within everyone's reach."

The book demonstrates the essential role that dentistry plays synergistically in both the health and beauty of the head and neck. The interchange between the patient and dentist is easily demonstrated with a multititude of before and after photos, making the book extremely benefifical for any esthetic or restorative consultation.

To celebrate the release of "Open Wide(r)," Dr. Rosenthal will be providing copies of the book to all U.S. dental school libraries. Proceeds from book purchases, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or, helps provide this resource to all dental students, new doctors and dental professionals

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