New XCare Platform Simplifies the Dentist to Patient Relationship

Platform designed to make dental care more practical, accessible and amicable.

XCare, which specializes in targeted patient acquisition, has introduced a new, revolutionary platform, designed to simplify the dentist to patient relationship. Created with a user-first mentality, XCare provides benefits to patients and dentists in a safe, easy to use manner.

The platform includes multiple features designed specifically to help dentists deliver quality service; all reportedly at a significant reduction of the cost. The features within XCare provide clinics with a communication tool, patient management, appointment scheduling, practice safety (via pre-screenings for employees and patients), and clinic growth.

Features include but are not limited to:

  • New Patient Acquisition: Pay only for patients who end up in your chair.
  • Pre-Screening & Virtual Check-in: A contactless way for you to pre-screen and check-in your patients, while also managing digital records of all collected data.
  • Patient Management System Integrations: Ability to integrate with 20+ patient management systems.
  • Review Management: Attain and manage all of your online reviews to make sure your clinic stands out from the rest.
  • Patient Benefits: That includes e-mail and text communication, mobile app notifications, appointment booking and management, insurance management and tracking, loyalty programs, and more.

XCare is modernizing the dentist-patient relationship to meet the needs of today. This all-in-one dental practice solution is available to clinics at a price of $349 per month.

You can book a free live demo to experience the XCare platform for yourself by clicking here here. For any questions or to learn more, you can contact the company at