New Whitening, Fluoride Products Will Leverage Clear Retainers, Aligner Trays As Delivery Methods

February 23, 2021

Two products developed with the support of orthodontists and dentists designed to be cost-effective options for the growing population in clear retainers and aligner treatment.

New whitening and fluoride treatment products from oral health developer OrVance® are described as the first to leverage clear retainers and aligner trays as an effective delivery device. The company says the 2 products were developed with the support of orthodontic and dental practices and are designed to provide the most effective, most convenient, and best value options for the growing population in clear retainers and aligner treatment.

Both of these OrVance products are formulated to provide safe and effective treatment with clear retainer and aligner trays, which already provide a custom fit and are worn with regularity.

The OrVance Whitening Treatment offers 10 applications per package and will be available to orthodontic and dental practices and to consumers from major online retailers. The company says there are plans to launch with brick and mortar retailers next year. The OrVance Fluoride Treatment will initially be sold primarily to orthodontic and dental practices and provides 3 applications formulated to strengthen tooth enamel and reduce sensitivity.

The 2 new products support OrVance’s goal of improving the orthodontic patient experience and to provide solutions to support longer-term compliance for smile retention. Clear aligner treatment is an attractive long-term growth segment driven by not only the growth of orthodontic treatment but also the improvement of longer-term compliance to retainers after treatment, according to the company. Whitening solutions during and after orthodontic treatment is the perfect time to introduce a long-term whitening option, says OrVance, and during the development of the OrVance Fluoride Treatment, company colleagues strongly agreed that a more convenient and cost-effective fluoride delivery system within orthodontics is also an important innovation to retain/strengthen tooth enamel and reduce sensitivity during and after treatment.