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A new standard of prevention, caring

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2014-11-01
Issue 11

Proper daily patient homecare routine remains a key step in sensitivity treatment and the fight against dental decay and gingivitis. 

Proper daily patient homecare routine remains a key step in sensitivity treatment and the fight against dental decay and gingivitis. 

Patient compliance and ease-of use can make or break a successful treatment plan. Safety considerations with high levels of fluoride, multiple product usage, and taste can compromise even the best intentions of good home care. In addition, multiple oral health challenges can complicate the process.  

Enamelon®, by Premier® Dental Products, is the first formula to combine the protective properties of the stannous ion with the remineralizing potential of amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) technology. Enamelon Preventive Treatment Gel is formulated with stabilized stannous fluoride and ACP technology. Plus it contains Ultramulsion® and mucoadhesive co-polymers, a unique combination that increases substantivity and creates a great mouth-feel. Enamelon establishes a safe every-day use and effective home treatment plan for caries prevention, gingivitis and sensitivity relief.  

Featured on the cover of the September issue of Dental Products Report, Enamelon Preventive Treatment Gel is designed to be a safe and effective alternative for patient homecare compared to both 5000 ppm toothpastes and remineralizing pastes. In this in-depth review of the product, we investigate the product science, the numerous benefits it provides for patients, and also gain an understanding of why Premier Dental is so excited about introducing Enamelon to the dental profession. 


James DiMarino, DMD, MSEd., Director of Clinical Affairs for Premier Dental Products Co., has been involved with the development of this product for some time. 

“I am very passionate about Enamelon,” said Dr. DiMarino. “I had great success with the 1990s’ sodium fluoride version which provided a reduction in sensitivity and enhanced caries control. The ingredient that made that toothpaste so successful is also in Premier’s new, stannous fluoride Enamelon; it delivers Amorphous Calcium Phosphate. Premier has taken the proven technology and made it better by utilizing stannous fluoride and adding Ultramulsion®, mucoadhesive co-polymers, and Spilanthes; a unique combination that increases substantivity and creates a great mouth-feel.”  

Less fluoride, greater protection

Enamelon Preventive Treatment Gel is the new standard of caring, a safe alternative to 5000 ppm fluoride toothpastes and remineralizing pastes.  Enamelon uses the clinically proven active ingredient stannous fluoride in the fight against caries, gingivitis and for sensitivity relief.  Additionally, the patent-pending formula of Enamelon utilizes the remineralizing technology of ACP to deliver greater fluoride uptake distinctively into the enamel and to protect against demineralization.  

A recent in-vitro study shows that Enamelon, with 970 ppm fluoride, provides two times more fluoride uptake into lesioned enamel and three times greater reduction in enamel solubility than “prescription strength” 5000 ppm fluoride toothpastes (Figs. 1-2).  

Fig. 1: Enamelon provides 2.48 greater enamel flouride uptake than 5000ppm F toothpaste

“The 5000 ppm fluoride toothpastes primarily protect against caries, whereas Enamelon helps to prevent caries, gingivitis and relieves sensitivity,” Dr. DiMarino said. “What is particularly exciting is that independent research is showing that Enamelon provides greater protection with 80% less fluoride than 5000 ppm fluoride products,” said Dr. DiMarino. “You can safely dispense Enamelon Preventive Treatment Gel to your entire patient population for daily, long-term use when following the 2014 ADA toothpaste guidelines.”

Fig. 2: Enamelon reduces enamel solubility, which may help to prevent demineralization of the tooth surface when exposed to acid challenges

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Sensitivity Relief

Enamelon contains stannous fluoride along with calcium and phosphate ions that have been proven effective for tubular occlusion. Figure 3 shows a scanning electron microscope image of dentinal tubules after five days of simulated brushing with Enamelon, showing substantial tubular occlusion. By blocking the exposed tubules with a combination of stannous (tin) ions along with fluoride, calcium and phosphate salts, a physical barrier is created that covers open dentinal tubules to prevent external stimuli from causing pain or discomfort.

Fig. 3: Enamelon helps to Prevent and Treat Dentinal Hypersensitivity through  tubular occlusion.


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Non Abrasive, Tooth Preserving

The new Enamelon gel is abrasive free to safely treat teeth while minimizing enamel wear which is especially helpful for patients with sensitivity, erosion, and thin enamel. Figure 4 shows how Premier’s Enamelon Preventive Treatment Gel (RDA of 8) and Enamelon Toothpaste (RDA of 39) are non to low abrasive compared to other brands on the market, which can approach the FDA Upper Limit of 200. 

 Patients who experience tooth staining due to diet or behavior may occasionally require more frequent professional cleanings, tooth whitening, or may have to use a more abrasive toothpaste. Using a toothpaste that’s too abrasive may lead to permanent tooth damage, particularly around the gum line. Enamelon Preventive Treatment Gel - used once a day, after brushing with a toothpaste - will help strengthen teeth against enamel wear and erosion.

Since the Enamelon Preventive Treatment gel is designed to be non-abrasive, it preserves enamel and is gentle to the soft tissue. “Dental professionals may see patients who have started to wear down the enamel and the cementum around the root surface because they’re brushing with highly abrasive toothpastes. Although these products can be effective at removing extrinsic stain, they can also increase the risk of wearing down irreplaceable tooth structure,” said Dr. DiMarino. “It is important that dental professionals help our patients find the right products to help them maximize tooth preservation when choosing a daily home use dentifrice.”

Fig. 4: Enamelon’s low abrasivity minimizes  enamel wear -especially helpful for patients with sensitivity, erosion, and thin enamel.


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Additional Benefits

Carol Landis, Senior Product Manager, adds that additional benefits have been incorporated into Enamelon. “Spilanthes naturally helps to stimulate salivary flow to help moisturize and soothe soft tissue. Additionally, Ultramulsion, a mucoadhesive co-polymer,  increases substantivity and creates a great mouth-feel. These products combine to provide much needed relief for patients experiencing high caries rates and dry mouth. These features are unique to the stannous fluoride Premier Enamelon.”

Additionally, Enamelon is dye, gluten and Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) free. SLS is common in many over-the-counter and prescription toothpastes which may cause adverse reactions for some patients. 

Discussing current hot topics in dental infection control

Educating the industry

Now that Premier Dental Products has developed this great product, the next step is to inform professionals and patients of the many benefits. “We want to capture the attention of each dental team member who comes in contact with patients who have these concerns,” Dr. DiMarino said. “We have a product that contains only 970 ppm of fluoride, yet provides multiple benefits and outperformed 5000 ppm fluoride toothpaste in independent in-vitro testing. We are excited to spread the word and assist dental professionals in helping patients take advantage of this unique technology.” Premier is confident that consumers will appreciate that message, along with the added benefits such as anti gingivitis and sensitivity relief.

“This product addresses several clinical problems at once which can help to make patient compliance easier,” Landis said. Enamelon assists in providing an exceptional patient experience and helps the dental professional educate the patient on their oral health. 

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