New social networking site aims to unify dental industry

DentalLnx allows registered members to establish dental teams online to mirror real-life professional relationships.

DentalLnx is a new social networking site designed specifically for the dental industry. It’s designed for dentists, assistants, hygienists, office managers, front office teams, students, lab techs, speakers/consultants and anyone working within the dental industry.

DentalLnx aims to bring down the walls between specialties and unify the dental industry to take dentistry to the next level. DentalLnx believes that when the whole dental care coordination team is connected and collaborating, the dental care system improves and patients benefit.

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The goal of the site is to allow registered members to establish their dental teams online, thereby creating an online social network that mirrors real-life professional relationships. A dentist, for example, may want to connect with the dental office team, the dental lab team, specialized dental/medical professionals teams and supplies/equipment teams. Dental professionals are also highly encouraged to grow their network by connecting with other dental industry professionals from all the other branches of dentistry to create a tight-knit dental industry network that works in real time.

DentalLnx can be used in a number of ways from creating dental teams to finding and applying for jobs. Employers can use DentalLnx to recruit and post jobs. The network also allows users to "like," share and comment on status updates such as promotions and new employment.

A DentalLnx member’s profile page emphasizes skills, employment history and education. Registration for DentalLnx is free and it only takes about one minute. Premium services are also offered to those who want more advance features.

DentalLnx was founded by Jose Walter, who has dedicated his career to creating value in the dental industry. Before DentalLnx, he enjoyed a career of 38+ years as a high-end dental laboratory technician. During that time he also became and matured as an inventor. Jose has been granted several patents for dental products on the market and other patents are pending. He's the inventor of the WOW articulator, cbite articulators, stone enhancers - Epox-it & Resin-it, and the Implant Tray. He co-founded Cbite, Inc, a dental manufacturing company.

Patent-pending dental-specific features will roll out periodically on DentalLnx. Sign up for free at