The new PROPHYflex™ 4 is the latest air polishing device from KaVo Kerr

The new PROPHYflex™ 4 Portable Air Cleaning Device from KaVo Kerr is designed to remove stains, and plaque as well as to clean enamel surfaces prior to sealant placement.

An upgrade to previous PROPHYflex devices, the newest model offers enhanced ergonomics, efficiency and versatility, for more effective polishing, both above and below the gum line, according to a press release. The PROPHYflex 4 offers 3 adjustable pressure settings, and the narrow cannula and minimized misting provide improved visiblity and more control.

The handpieces are individually adjustable for precise control when used for subgingival treatment. The optional Perio Kit is designed to provide optimal pressure, which is also suitable for cleaning crowns, bridges and implants. The handpieces are lightweight, balanced, adjustable and feature 360° rotation grip sleeves.