The new mill designed exclusively for IPS e.max CAD, Issue 9

The Zenotec select hybrid is the new milling system exclusively developed for IPS e.max CAD and IPS Empress CAD.

A part of the Zenotec select series of dental mills from Ivoclar Vivadent, the Zenotec select hybrid is engineered to be distinguished by its precision and productivity, combining five-axis simultaneous operation with the advantages of automated manufacturing and compact design. The automatic material changer manages up to eight patented IPS e.matrix™ multiholders at a time, each of which holds up to six millable blocks, offering a high level of productivity for IPS e.max labs. Additionally, the Zenotec select hybrid can mill dry materials such as Zenostar, and free backup milling is offered while the machine is under warranty.

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Features include:

  • 5-axis operation designed to make complicated designs a simple process
  • 16-position tool changer automatically changes tools and switches out worn for new tools
  • The IPS e.matrix can hold up to six millable blocks of different sizes, for either single- or multi-unit restorations
  • Can be combined with the Zenotec cyclon and the Zenotec hydro to create a clean, dust-free milling environment     

For more information contact Ivoclar Vivadent by visiting or by calling 800-533-6825.

The IPS e.matrix, which can hold up to six millable blocks.