New ionic toothbrush released in US market

Sanyei Corporation’s flagship brand, ION-Sei, will enter the global market after seeing success in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. The ION-Sei electric toothbrush is launching in the U.S., equipped with is patented ionic technology.

The ION-Sei’s ionic technology is said to effectively remove and control the spread of bacteria on the teeth by coating your teeth with natural charge ions while brushing. This reportedly suppresses the adhesion of bacteria that causes plaque. The brush’s unique combination of this ionic technology and water and light is also said to reduce the risk of gum disease, decay, and bacteria growth.

The ION-Sei has succeeded in protecting tooth enamel and reducing damage with newly developing ion brushes that support the gentle brushing of teeth and gums. This gentle brushing technique removes the need for harsh scrubbing, which subsequently damages the tooth surface and enamel. This brush supports the deep cleaning effects and comfort of gentle brushing with its technology and multiple brushing modes.

In the pre-released German and U.K. markets, 90% of customers have reported high satisfaction rates, according to Sanyei Corp. The ION-Sei will be available beginning this month. For more information, visit