A new high-speed investment

CreamPress is a new investment designed to make pressing ceramic restorations easier.

Dental Ventures of America, Inc. has introduced an innovative, extremely small-grained, high-speed investment designed to simplify the pressing of ceramic restorations. 

Its unique grain formula provides a pressing matrix which resists breakage during pressing procedures, even of multiple or thin units. 

CreamPRESS’s unique formula is simple to use, and provides consistent, clean pressings and demonstrates finite accuracy, without a reaction layer.  CreamPRESS’s unique fine particle formula also makes it easy to divest.

‘CreamPPRESS’s   is offered in 20 x 100 gram packages and 50 x 100 gram packages, both packages include the appropriate volume of liquid.

FREE Samples are available by calling Dental Ventures of America, Inc., Toll Free at 800.228.6696

To view a demonstration video and customer testimonials go to www.dentalventures.com.