New bur options expand Zenotec milling abilities

Ivoclar Vivadent has unveiled new bur options for the Zenotec milling machines.

A dental milling machine is only truly as good as the burs that are used for milling or grinding. Excellent burs mean esthetic, precise milling, while non-optimzed burs can mean poor quality even if the mill itself is excellent.

To that end, Ivoclar Vivadent has expanded the Zenotec select and Zenotec mini milling systems’ bur portfolio to enable selection based on the material being milled. In addition to new specialized and premium burs for all Zenotec mills, the bur portfolio has also been reorganized and reclassified into basic, special and premium categories for easier and more intuitive selection by laboratories.

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New diamond coated carbide burs for the Zenotec mini feature a TiN coating, designed to allow sustained zirconia production. Similar to diamond coated carbide burs for the Zenotec select, these tools for the Zenotec mini are available in 2.5 and 1.0 mm diameters.

New single edge carbide burs for the Zenotec select and Zenotec mini are engineered to allow for faster milling of soft materials such as wax and PMMA. Faster milling combined with notably longer bur life reportedly make the new Zenotec single edge burs the ideal choice for milling wax patterns and temporary restorations.  

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The aforementioned milling tools expand the Zenotec milling tool portfolio that includes tools for the wet grinding of glass ceramics, flat tipped carbide burs for productive model milling, and a variety of essential carbide burs that include a 0.3 mm bur for detailed occlusal anatomy.

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