New AK-1 Abutment Kit for the DWX-42W Mill now available from DGSHAPE Americas

New AK-1 Abutment Kit for the DWX-42W Mill now available from DGSHAPE Americas. New kit allows users to mill custom titanium abutments in-house quickly, easily and affordably.

Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE Americas dental business group has announced the availability of the new AK-1 Titanium Abutment Kit for use with the advanced yet simple-to-use DWX-42W wet dental mill. Designed to provide added value and opportunity for clinicians and dental laboratories of all sizes, the DGSHAPE AK-1 Titanium Abutment Kit enables DWX-42W users to offer full-service, high-quality implant restorations in-house with precision and ease.

The new AK-1 allows clinicians and lab owners to expand the capabilities of their DWX-42W to allow for milling of both the custom abutment and implant-supported restoration in-house. Equipped with a DGSHAPE DWX-42W and AK-1, the clinician or lab can maintain greater control over the design process and materials, significantly reducing both the turnaround time and costs.

Three material attachments are currently available for the DGSHAPE AK-1 Abutment Kit, each featuring a manufacturer specific attachment to the standard DWX-42W material holder. This allows for the milling of pre-milled titanium blanks from a variety of popular manufacturers, including GeoMedi®, MEDENTiKA® and NT-Trading®. The AK-1 kit includes a set of titanium dedicated milling tools, a special purpose filter tray, a torque screwdriver, a hexagonal wrench, a receptacle tray, replacement filters, and a user’s manual.

“Custom abutments are quickly becoming the standard of care for implants, as they offer the flexibility for a passive fit and the prosthetic correction of implant angulation,” said DGSHAPE Americas Product Manager Lisa Aguirre. “That translates into greater overall esthetics, fewer chairside visits for adjustments, better overall support of implant structure, and improved implant-supported crown retention. The new DGSHAPE AK-1 makes it easy and cost-effective for DWX-42W users to produce quality custom titanium abutments in-house and offer all of these advantages to the patient.”

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