MouthWatch opens nominations for the second annual Teledentistry Innovation Awards

Recognize trailblazers of teledentistry with a “Tellie”.

MouthWatch, LLC, a leader in innovative teledentistry solutions, digital case presentation tools and intraoral imaging devices has opened nominations for the second annual Teledentistry Innovation Awards.

As last year, the “Tellie Awards” will highlight successful implementations across a broad spectrum of dental care environments-including public health, private practice and interdisciplinary settings-as well as recognize individual, forward-thinking dental providers and programs who are realizing the full potential of teledentistry, reshaping the practice of dentistry and the improving the state of oral health globally. 

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According to MouthWatch CEO and founder, Brant Herman, “We started the Teledentistry Innovation Awards last year with the goal of recognizing the teledentistry pioneers who are proving by example that teledentistry technology has virtually no limits when it comes to how it’s applied. Our first annual “Tellie Awards” created a lot of awareness and was a huge success. The 2019 “Tellies” will be even bigger and better!”    

The Teledentistry Innovation Awards will be presented to winners in the following categories:

  • Dentist/Specialists: Revenue Generation, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Enhanced Referral

  • Dental Hygiene Production: Remote Hygiene Service, Pop-Up Hygiene Clinics, Innovative Practice Models

  • Dental Programs: Senior Care, Screening Programs, Group Practice Growth Managemen, Medical-Dental Integration

Nominations are currently being accepted online at and self-nominations are welcome. Winners will be announced during the 2019 Greater New York Meeting with an invitation-only awards ceremony.

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