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When creating a porcelain restoration, it’s not just about the restoration itself-it’s about all the often unnoticed components that come together to create the most beautiful result.

When creating a porcelain restoration, it’s not just about the restoration itself-it’s about all the often unnoticed components that come together to create the most beautiful result.

During the restoration process, you likely use everything from various compounds to brushes, glazes, gels, ceramics, stains, stones and trays. Using the best accessories ensures you’ll complete the best restorations, whether they be fillings, inlays and onlays, bridges, crowns or veneers, making both your clients and their patients happy.

We wanted to bring you a quick roundup of some of the leading porcelain accessories out there. Whether you’re a small lab, large lab or somewhere in between, here is a snapshot of some of the top porcelain accessories companies and products.

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VacalonCompany, Inc.

Available in eight different sizes, these handcrafted brushes are designed to complete every porcelain task. These brushes reportedly possess the highest quality of natural Kolinsky sable hairs to create sharp brush tips, flexibility and effective moisturizing effects. Made from lightweight wood, the handles are designed to be protected from warping with five layers of protective varnish. The nickel-plated brass ferrule and triple-crimp technique are said to create a secure connection between the bristle hairs and handle. Each brush undergoes an exclusive curing treatment to ensure a long-lasting shape, as well as to increase its spring and recovery.

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Zahn Dental

Zirlux LC porcelain is a low firing feldspathic/leucite glass ceramic designed with “true-to-nature” fluorescence and opalescence that closely resembles the appearance of natural teeth. The Zirlux LC translucent pellets are said to complement the ceramics and full-contour characterization kit when you need to coordinate and match shading to adjacent teeth. This complete ceramic system is designed to give dental ceramists the artistic control over the desired restorative outcome. Utilize these versatile materials when fabricating esthetic multi-unit cases regardless of technique.

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Vision USA, an innovator in the dental porcelain market, introduced Vision Universal Glaze Paste. The product can be used with all porcelain systems, including e.max and zirconia. Glazed porcelain is said to provide a smooth and dense surface, and studies have shown it produces better color stability.

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Taub Products

The Taub Insta-Glaze line of diamond polishing pastes have been formulated to produce a high polish on all-ceramic restorations, lithium disilicate, feldspathic porcelain, zirconia and composite and hybrid resins and can be used to polish chairside or in the lab. University studies have shown Insta-Glaze restores the glaze of the restoration to that of fired porcelain. Three versions of Insta-Glaze are available: Insta-Glaze for porcelain, Insta-Glze HYB for hybrid and nano resins and Insta-Glaze Zr for high polishing of zirconia. The product is available in 2 Gm syringes.

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Dura-Green® DIA Stones are vitrified-bonded diamond abrasive and the diamond version of a carborundum point, designed for contouring porcelains and ceramic copings with superior results. These stones are said to provide enhanced performance with a smoother, chipless cut versus silicon carbide or diamond burs. Densely packed diamonds are embedded throughout (from the surface to the core) in a special glass binder, reportedly offering extended cutting ability. Dura-Green DIA Stones are designed to be the clean cutting solution for both technicians and dentists alike.

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Renfert USA

Choose from nine different, high quality mixing trays to find your individual perfect solution. Renfert’s lay:art trays range from an innovative glass tray with moistening strips to self-moistening ceramic trays to natural agate or stylish glass trays. Complement your tray with lay:art style natural hair Kolinsky brushes, which are said to provide you with premium quality for the highest demands. An innovative manufacturing technique reportedly achieves maximum values in terms of tension, dimensional stability and durability of the brush tip. The ergonomic handle design with Soft Touch is said to be optimally balanced and fits very well in the hand for ideal use and comfort.

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Master Ceramist

Master Ceramist’s Super-Suspension Stain and Glaze Medium is said to completely suspend all stains and glaze powders longer for an easier, more uniform application and protection. Master Ceramist is celebrating its 25th anniversary with prices of many popular products being discounted 25 percent through Sept.25, 2015.

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Kuraray America

New CZR FL (including fluorescence) Glaze and CZR VC (value control) glazes by Kuraray Noritake are said to be ideal for full-contour zirconia and layered or pressed restorations and designed for a highly effective natural finish. Pearl Surface Z for polishing porcelain reportedly adds a natural luster to the surface without altering the subtleties in the texture and is suitable for polishing hard resin and denture-base acrylic resin.

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Keystone Industries

Keystone Industries offers natural Kolinsky Brushes. These brushes have a small bead inside that is designed to help manage the humidity on the brush. The are available in sizes #000, #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #2 flat, #4 flat and big brush.

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Ivoclar Vivadent

IPS e.max Ceram Essence from Ivoclar Vivadent is designed to provide artists the tools necessary to deliver the highest level of lifelike restorations. This low fusing fluorapatite glass ceramic can be used to veneer and characterize both IPS e.max lithium disilicate and ZrO2 fabricated via the press and/or CAD/CAM method. Its three-in-one powder form is said to allow for mixing and internal and external characterizations, and its wide range of colors reportedly make it ideal for a variety of color corrections and characterizations.

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DENTSPLY Prosthetics

The Celtra® Universal Low Fusing Stains and Overglaze are a growing favorite for enhancing beauty in restorations around the globe. They are available as a kit that provides everything necessary to achieve better esthetics, including the popular MagicStain Brush. Celtra® stains and overglaze are compatible with a variety of substructure materials, including lithium silicate and monolithic zirconia, and a wide range of porcelains, including Ceramco®, Duceram® Kiss and Cercon® Ceram Kiss.

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Dental Creations

Dental Creations’ Wondergel is used during the build-up and contour phases to hold crowns, veneers and small castings in place. It is recommended for pressed porcelain veneers, PFM crowns and alumina and zirconia restorations. Reportedly like having an extra helping hand, Wondergel is water-soluble and provides no risk of contamination. It comes in a 3cc syringe.

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American Dental Supply, Inc.

Perfect Polish® Diamond Compound, manufactured by American Dental Supply, Inc., is a diamond polishing compound for use with lithium disilicate, zirconia, porcelain, hard metal alloys and filled composites. With this product, there is reportedly no need to refire and reglaze. Users can polish adjusted areas and contact points chairside with no scratches or worries, and Perfect Polish is said to create a beautiful luster on gold crowns, lithium disilicate and zirconia. It is safe for intraoral or extraoral use and can be used with a bristle brush or felt wheel.

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