Millennium Dental Technologies announces an emergency economic stimulus pricing program around its PerioLase protocol

Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc., announces limited-time dynamic pricing on the PerioLase® Periodontal PackageTM for the LANAP® protocol, LAPIPTM protocol, and VAPsTM

Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc., announces limited-time dynamic pricing on the PerioLase® Periodontal PackageTM for the LANAP® protocol, LAPIPTM protocol, and VAPsTM. The economic stimulus pricing represents a $50,000 price reduction, or 42% compared to a current 25% stock price decline. New financing options will also be available. 

This limited-time dynamic pricing opportunity is unprecedented and an extraordinary opportunity for clinicians who have been waiting to adopt LANAP treatment and for younger dentists to generate patient flow and practice income, according to the California company. 

Dynamic pricing for the PerioLase Periodontal Package is structured to support the private practice clinicians, stimulating practice growth with a new revenue stream, increased case acceptance, laser- based vs. aerosol-based treatments and maintaining financial stability with a high hourly production. This first-ever emergency stimulus pricing allows those clinicians, young and seasoned, to integrate the patient-preferred LANAP and LAPIP treatments with this extremely limited-time rollback pricing not seen since 2008. 

The PerioLase Periodontal Package includes: 

• Full training and licensing for the patented LANAP and LAPIP protocols
• Five star, hands-on, live patient training
• PerioLase MVP-7 dental laser, LANAP Piezo Scaler and proprietary tips, and all intellectual property needed to perform the LANAP and LAPIP protocols
• 6 months money-back clinical results guarantee
• Ongoing technical and clinical support 

Take control of your practice's financial future. Contact Millennium Dental Technologies to take advantage of the limited-time rollback pricing. For more details, visit