Midmark Additions Include Technology, Experience Centers

Midmark Corp. announced the grand opening of its experience and technology centers located on the company’s Versailles, Ohio campus, about 45 miles north of Dayton.

The brand-new, state-of-the-art facilities are designed to advance Midmark’s capabilities as a clinical environmental design company for the medical, dental, and veterinarian industries. The centers are set to become the focus of the company’s efforts to enhance the patient care experience.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is profoundly changing the point of care in practices, spotlighting how important it is to share new ideas, create new processes and develop new technologies. Our medical, dental, and animal health customers now have a place where they can learn about operational and clinical workflows, combined with healthcare technologies to design their own best practices,” said Jon Wells, president and chief commercial officer, Midmark. “At the same time, our research and design teams will apply customer insights and interactions to build upon our understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by them. This collaborative approach will fuel innovation to best serve our healthcare customers and their patients.”

The experience center is 21,000 square feet and is designed to help the company’s healthcare customers in making design decisions. This center features an interactive opportunity to learn best practices and how Midmark designs fit into the various healthcare settings.

The 56,000 square-foot technology center is designed to allow Midmark engineers, designers, and industry experts to develop new approaches and technologies that will be showcased in the experience center. Both centers will be a collaborative focal point with the companies partners from around the world.

These additions are part of a larger expansion to the Versailles campus, which is expected to be completed in early 2022. For more information, visit midmark.com.