Managing your practice digitally: A practice management software product roundup

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report February 2017
Volume 51
Issue 2

We took a look at some of the leading practice management software solutions.

With the complications of balancing new patients, changing regulations and intricate financial information with the need for streamlined efficiency, it’s no wonder that so many practices rely heavily on their practice management software. There’s no doubt that this product is essential to the modern dental practice. 

However, not every practice knows what’s out there for them. We at Dental Products Report wanted to take a look at the latest and best in the practice management market to help practices of all sizes make the right choice for their software. 

Dental keyboard

Many practices are afraid of changing or upgrading software because they believe that it will be too big of a project, too expensive or that it might be too complicated. But today’s practice management software is easier to use and more streamlined than ever. Best of all, you can find software that meets the specific needs of your practice, allowing you to save money and be as efficient as possible.

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So whether you’re looking for software options for your new practice, or are just looking to make an upgrade, make 2017 the year you finally fall in love with your practice management software. We’re here to help by bringing you everything you need to know about this exciting industry. 

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Ace-dental Logo

ACE Dental

In the dental software business for over 20 years. ACE-Dental will reportedly save you thousands in up-front costs and annual fees. ACE is said to have a familiar, easy user interface that does not require costly training. Built-in features are said to make your office so efficient that your staff will have more time to focus on what really affects your practice most: making money. Very few third-party connections are required for ACE. Features include: built-in eligibility, online patient forms, reputation management, e-reminders-which include email, text and phone-and simple customizable reports. 




Adstra logo


ADSTRA offers both cloud-based and on-premise dental software solutions that provide dental professionals with paperless patient management, appointments, charting, imaging and communications. Dentists and office managers can recognize the value of the all-inclusive maintenance service that covers software installation, unlimited interactive training, telephone and remote support and all software updates. ADSTRA has been used since 1994 in thousands of private dental practices, clinics and educational institutions, as well as government agencies.





Practice Works










CS SoftDent Cloud & CS PracticeWorks Cloud

CS SoftDent Cloud reportedly allows more time to focus on your patients and practice and less time worrying about IT infrastructure and software upgrades. Your concerns for data security and storage are also said to be a thing of the past, thanks to SoftDent Cloud’s secure, offsite and HIPAA-compliant storage. The centralized platform lets you access the same file system and database, regardless of log-in location-ideal for multi-office practices. That means your data, applications and 2D images are available at any time. No matter where your log-in location is, your user experience reportedly remains the same.

CS PracticeWorks Cloud reportedly gives you all the great features and functionality of its predecessor and takes away one of the biggest hassles you face when running a practice: the complexity of maintaining a computing infrastructure. With CS PracticeWorks Cloud, you can access all of your data, applications and 2D images in real time from any web-connected location. You can also access the actual images-rather than compressed files-for enhanced viewing and diagnoses. Enjoy financial predictability with monthly subscription fees and the ability to add users, with no need to purchase additional software. Plus, you’re always using the latest software version.

Carestream Dental





Curve Hero

Curve Dental provides a new solution to managing your practice. The cloud-based software is said to sport a clean look and a refreshing amount of lifestyle flexibility. Curve Dental leads the profession with eight years of cloud development experience, delivering a comprehensive solution that includes: native digital imaging features, charting capabilities, powerful scheduling tools, billing controls and more. Customers are said to enjoy continuous, no-hassle upgrades, worry-free and secure data backup, and access-from-anywhere convenience.

Curve Dental






DentiMax integrates with digital X-rays, allowing you to easily view X-rays and treatment plans from the same screen. The software also includes integrated patient texting to remind patients of their next appointments, a cloud kiosk where patients can enter their information online before they come into the office and a clinical note entry screen. DentiMax software flows just like your office. From creating appointments with the easy-to-use scheduler, to electronically prescribing medication, to taking X-rays to treatment planning, DentiMax mirrors your practice’s actual workflow. Additionally, DentiMax offers online training, as well as a complete two-day in-office training package. 






Dentrix Enterprise

Dentrix Enterprise from Henry Schein is dental software that allows multi-location practices to centralize all provider and patient data. This is said to enable efficient business operations and set the stage for growth and improved profitability. By streamlining organizational, administrative and financial aspects of the practice, managers can reportedly improve economies of scale and maintain consistency. Dentrix Enterprise includes award-winning clinical tools and integration with leading dental equipment to enable high quality patient care. 

Henry Schein, Inc.





MacPractice DDS

MacPractice DDS is practice management and clinical software native to Mac OS and iOS with features including: a modern interface for Mac-native digital imaging and next-generation charting, integrated secure messaging, network fax, iOS native apps for iPad, patient communications and reputation marketing “built inside.” MacPractice has built in AES data encryption qualifying MacPractice users for HIPAA’s Safe Harbor in the event of a breach. In addition, MacPractice users are reportedly safe from the ransomware, internet outages and brownouts which security experts predict will explode in 2017.





Open Dental

Open Dental

Open Dental practice management software is reportedly a great fit for many types of practices: from the single practice to Enterprise Dental Service Organizations, from start-up general dentistry to established multi-faceted practices. Open Dental prioritizes interoperability, and provides no-cost bridges to third party software (imaging, patient communication, reporting, etc.). The software provides an easy-to-use interface for both providers and office staff. Each clinic, even in a multi-group practice, can set up appointment views customized to specific needs. Additional e-services provide automation and online accessibility, which streamline processes previously performed manually. 

Open Dental




Eaglesoft logo


Eaglesoft is said to help your practice to run more efficiently. From patient scheduling and insurance claim tracking, to paperless charting and digital image manipulation, Eaglesoft is the solution for the entire practice. Its interface is designed with the practice in mind and offers integration between practice management and clinical functionality. This also includes a direct integration with leading digital imaging solutions- no bridge required. Eaglesoft is backed by Patterson Dental.

Patterson Dental






Denticon cloud-based practice management software from Planet DDS reportedly helps practices run more smoothly and saves them money. First to the cloud, Denticon was built to handle multi-location groups, solo offices, even mobile clinics. Eliminate IT overhead and access all of your data via web browser. With Denticon’s “concept of one,” providers and patients can move easily between locations without creating duplicate records, while management can pull comprehensive reports for the whole enterprise from anywhere, anytime. Denticon has reportedly been the solution powering thousands of practices in the cloud for a decade.

Planet DDS






The XLDent dental practice management system is said to take advantage of the latest in software development and design tools to provide you with the most intuitive dental program available. XLDent is reportedly committed to continual development of electronic health records, and features realistic tooth charts, restorative and periodontal exams and progress notes. With XLDent, you can be equipped with a practice management software that is designed to improve the productivity and profitability of any office, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to focus on patient care. XLDent incorporates solutions to fully automate your practice and be truly paperless. XLDent is suitable for any dental specialty and is multi-location capable. 



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