Latest Zubler USA Sintering Ovens Provide Increased Capabilities, Quality, Speed and Capacity

Zubler USA says sintering ovens designed to meet demands, built to last, and outlast user expectations.

Mihm Vogt is a family-owned German oven manufacturer that has consistently provided high-quality sintering ovens to the dental industry for over 60 years and three generations. Now, the latest line of Mihm-Vogt Sintering Ovens provides the capabilities, quality, speed sintering capabilities and capacity that make these ovens perfect for any production demand.

Designed to meet the demands and built to last, Mihm Vogt ovens consistently outlast user expectation, according to Zubler USA, the manufacturer. With multiple models’ capabilities and capacities vary from a single tray of approximately 25 units to large 3 tray capacities of approximately 90 units. Heat rate capabilities vary similarly from 25°C per minute to as fast as 200°C per minute.

The most popular selling oven in the USA is the HTS-2/M/ZIRKON-120; the largest is the HT-2/M/ZIRKON-120; the smallest, the TABEO-1/M/ZIRKON-100; and the fastest, the MV-R.